Saturday, September 29, 2007

Why Americans tune out obesity talk

The tools and resources to fight the obesity epidemic are all around us, in many forms, and yet, Americans aren't taking advantage of them. They are tuning out the noise. (Could it be because those tools don't work permanently?)
There is no shortage of information about how to lose weight. When people choose a popular diet or a commercial weight loss program, they often are asked to make big changes in diet and physical activity patterns. Most people actually achieve some success with these plans in the short term. The problem is sustaining it permanently. Most Americans find that life gets in the way and it is difficult to keep doing the things recommended by their diet plan. (Life gets in the way? Try genetics and a messed up metabolism from repeated dieting.)
This is the American approach to dieting: lose weight and gain it back. Very few people who lose significant amounts of weight actually keep it off. Those who do have learned how to sustain big lifestyle changes, even in environments that encourage overeating and discourage physical activity. It would be great if we could change our environment to one that is less supportive of obesity and more supportive of healthy weight -- and over time, we might be able to do this. (Less supportive of obesity? What fucking dream world are they living in? I want to move to the one that supports fat people!)
Simple lifestyle changes are a proven approach to preventing excessive weight gain. The average American gains one to two pounds each year; it is this gradual weight gain that is fueling increasing obesity rates. AOMF studies prove that making two small changes each day can reap big rewards over time. Just two simple steps -- adding 2,000 steps a day (about a mile) and cutting 100 calories (about a pat of butter) -- can keep off those few extra annual pounds. (What about the people who have made changes such as those and are not losing weight?)
There are comments at this article, and ya know what? I'm learning, I didn't even bother to read them. I'm getting tired of hearing stupid people say calories in/calories out, it's easy, get off your ass and quit stuffing your face, yada yada yada. I get so pissed at that crap, I want to hit them upside the head with a two by four and say "Listen up, morons, it's not that simple." I'd be better off talking to my cats, at least they don't talk back with more nonsense.
This simplistic approach, lifestyle change, do this, do that, small steps, and you'll lose weight and keep it off. Yeah, right, tell that to all the fat people who have made those simple little changes, didn't lose any weight, maybe even gained weight, and were probably just fine before they made the changes. I really, really want to tell them to leave me the fuck alone. My size, my health, my weight, are none of their damned business. It's none of their business if I only live to be 54 (this November) or if I live to be 100. It's MY life, and if I'm satisfied with it, who the hell are they to tell me it needs improvement?

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