Monday, September 24, 2007

Seniors balk at ban on doughnuts

This article just totally takes the cake (pun fully intended). These are donated food items, for senior citizens, for geebus sake. Now I can see throwing out the old, stale, or moldy cakes, pies, and donuts. But to take all of it away from them just because someone in charge thinks it isn't healthy? WTF!!!!!
Penalizing all seniors because a few have heart disease (and whose business is it if someone with heart disease wants to eat a couple of donuts) is just totally wrong. And yeah, if the seniors really want a donut, no one is stopping them from buying them on their own (if they can get to the store, and if they can afford it). Talk about a nanny government.
Since when does food have a moral value? I hate the obsession with good/bad food labels. Food is food, for pete's sake. There is nothing intrinsically good or evil about any of it. Granted, some foods are healthier than others, but NO ONE has the right to tell ANYONE what they can and cannot eat. And for me, if I live to be 86 years old and someone tries to take donuts, cakes, and pies from me, they will probably end up getting hit with my cane or run over by my 4-wheel drive wheelchair.
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  1. I find this ban crazy, considering that from what I've read and experienced personally with my grandparents, one of the hardest health issues of people this age (the eighty year olds mentioned in the article) is to get them to eat enough calories.

    I've also read that in these later years, higher weights are actually associated with less mortality, rather than more, that the skinny ones are the ones who don't survive the heart attack. I think I read this in Junkfood Science.

  2. Yeah, I read that too, that higher weights when you're older are a better predictor of survival in major illnesses. I think it's because when a person is sick, the extra fat gives them resources to draw on when they don't feel like eating. I also think that's why some really thin people (who were formerly fat) get sick more often. I know when I got hit by a car when I was 19, I weighed 235, and in the 2 weeks in the hospital and 6 weeks in the nursing home, I went down to 160 lbs with a cast on one leg that went above my knee. Just imagine how thin I would have been after that if I had been my normal weight of 175. At 5' 9", I would have been emaciated (not that I'm saying I would have lost 75 lbs if I hadn't been fat, but who knows). I'm just grateful I had the fat to draw on at the time.


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