Thursday, September 13, 2007

Life expectancy of Americans hits 78

Ah yes, we're living longer, deaths from heart disease and strokes are dropping, but being fat is going to kill you sooner because everyone knows that being fat leads to heart disease and strokes and diabetes and high blood pressure.
So how do they reconcile the fact that Americans are getting fatter and living longer? They don't, they totally ignore the obesity epidemic hysteria.
But are we really living longer? According to their claim, the average life expectancy in 2004 was 77.8 years. The new life expectancy is now 77.9 years. 1/10 of a year is what, 5 weeks? Big deal. A little over a month more to live with the media circus blaring how fat is going to kill me, screaming about becoming thin at any cost, recycling the same old diets over and over and over, and pushing WLS for those they consider obese. Conformity rules, too bad I've always been a nonconformist. I'm not buying it anymore, I'll live until I die, whether that is tomorrow or 25 years from now (since I'm 53 now, 78 gives me at least that much, but with the longevity of family members, I could make it till I'm 90). I really don't think there's any way to predict with any accuracy how long the average person is going to live because there are just too many variables in a person's life that affect their health and their longevity.

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