Thursday, September 20, 2007

A question for Hillary Clinton

The quote below is what I posted on Hillary Rodham Clinton's website, under one of the posts about her health care plan. I googled her name and obesity epidemic and couldn't find anything that even remotely related to how she feels about the obesity epidemic. So, when in doubt, go to the source and see if you can get an answer. We'll see what, if anything, happens.
I would like to know Hillary's position on the so-called obesity epidemic. As a fat woman who got fatter from repeated weight loss dieting and a failed weight loss surgery, I want to know what she thinks about fat people and the discrimination we face on a daily basis. Fat women make less money than thin women, we are constantly told by doctors that ANY illness we have will go away "if you just lose weight", we cannot buy clothing that fits in mainstream stores, we are told we must purchase 2 airline seats if we want to fly (and that's despite the fact that even "normal" people are uncomfortable in those seats). Every bit of advertising we see tells us that if we aren't thin, we aren't worthwhile human beings. If you're fat, you're a lazy, smelly, stupid, gluttonous pig who can't stop stuffing your face long enough to get off the couch and actually do anything. Diets don't work and the diet industry knows this, but they will keep recycling the same old diet plans over and over and over because women have been brainwashed into thinking that if they aren't thin, they don't deserve to have a life.

Edited to add comment about Hillary's response:
Well, I got a response all right, but it was a canned one. Thanked me for joining her campaign (I had to join her website to leave a comment), and gave me a link to get a free bumper sticker promoting her for President. Yeah, right, like I'm going to do that. I'll reply to her email and see what kind of response I get to that. I'm still not sure which of the evils I'll choose when it comes time to cast my vote. A lot is going to depend on their stance on health care and fat acceptance. Anyone who is fat-phobic is definitely not getting my vote.
Further updates to come, I hope.

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