Thursday, September 13, 2007

Eating less red meat may slow climate change (and stop the obesity epidemic)

I love this.....not. Now the gas from cattle is causing global warming and the obesity epidemic. According to this article, if people ate less red meat, the numbers of livestock (and their flatulence) would be reduced and therefore, so would global warming. It also says that if people ate less meat, they would be thinner. I don't know about that, I know quite a few fat vegetarians.
What the hell is wrong with people? Don't they get it? Fat is not always caused by what you eat or how much you eat. Body diversity is just that, diversity. Not everyone can be thin, not everyone can be fat, not everyone can be in-between. And why would we want everyone to look the same?
As far as global warming goes, I'm sure there are a lot more things causing it than the flatulence of livestock (although they certainly can be a contributor, but I don't think it's as large a proportion as they want us to think). Any propaganda to promote obesity epidemic hysteria and the thin-at-any-price mentality. Is there no end to which the diet industry and big pharma will not go to promote their money-making weight loss agenda?


  1. Yay! I've been trying to explain to veggie types that as a diabetic, if I were to not eat meat, it'd be potentially deadly for me. I don't think we can write off diabetics that easily!

    We've been in two of the same states, I see. I miss the climate of Spokane, but enjoy my new hometown in Illinois (just not the high humidity in the summer). --diana

  2. Diana, we certainly can't discount diabetics that easily, my husband is diabetic. He was diagnosed in 1994, when he was getting out of the Navy after 20 years. Everything I've ever read about diabetes says that meat is definitely a necessary part of his eating.
    I loved Spokane when I lived there in the 70's, and didn't care much for Illinois (we moved there in '61 when my dad got out of the Air Force to be close to his folks). The heat and humidity in Illinois can be awful in the summer, that's for sure. I like Minnesota a lot better, not as hot or as humid (and my son is here and my grandkids, and all of my husband's family, so I'll be staying).

  3. Hi! I'm a fat vegetarian! :)

    I haven't eaten meat in 23 years!

  4. Hi rio, love your blog. And yeah, I've read quite a bit that says becoming a vegetarian is no guarantee you'll get thin.


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