Saturday, February 16, 2008

THIS is why we need FA blogs and community

Sandy rules!!
After reading this, I am so fucking glad that the fatosphere exists and that we are so supportive of each other. It makes me grateful for a husband who loves me, every fucking fat inch of me, faults and all (and I have plenty of them, let me tell you).
All I can say is: Go, go read this and thank whatever powers that be that some of us fatty fat fat McFatties are waking up to the hype and hysteria surrounding fat and saying not just no, but "HELL FUCKING NO!".


  1. Everything you said? Ditto, darlin'. Ditto.

    Every day, I'm more and more grateful for all you fine, fabulous, fellow fat folks, and for the luck that's brought me the best husband in the universe and stacks of body-positive loved ones.

  2. Fabulous article!

    After reading this I'm even more determined accept my size, live and eat with gusto and revel in the support of my sweet husband and fellow FA activists! I am inspired to LIVE my life right now and enjoy it.

    I think I've been waiting for the FA movement to change the hearts and minds of the doubters before I really get out there and live my life with pure unadulterated gusto.

    I've been putting off hiking and biking and doing things I truly enjoy for fear of being ridiculed.

    NO MORE!

  3. erishkegal - those that support and love us make it easier to fight the hype and hysteria and actually live our lives without fearing and loathing ourselves.

    kat - yeah, me too, and I went and found the site for the Fat Underground. I'm taking part of tomorrow to read what all is there. I'll probably be posting links to the stuff that really moves me (and I'm sure there will be lots).
    I finally have the money this month to get my recumbant exercise bike. I've been looking forward to getting one for a couple of months now. Once I get to the point where I can use it for an hour at a time, I plan on getting a regular bike that will hold my weight so I can make use of the bike trail that runs past our house (it's paved and looks to be mostly flat, so it should be a good ride).

  4. I don't have any problem with people using junkfoodscience as personal motivation or to help their self esteem, but I cannot get over my problem with anyone who quotes Sandy Szwarc as a "scientific" resource (and I'm glad you didn't!). She is being paid by food companies to do her blog. She's a lot more biased by her funding sources than many of the studies she writes against.

    I wish there were more people writing scientific blogs on FA...ones who you could trust who are not being paid by corporate think tanks. :(

  5. anonymous - until you can provide proof that Sandy is being paid by food companies, don't plan on continuing to slander a woman who is providing a fantastic service for fat acceptance. This rumor that you are so intent on passing along is an attempt by diet industry/pharmaceutical companies/medical establishment to discredit someone who can see their lies and gives us the straight dope on skewed studies.
    Keep on being a coward by posting anonymously to spread your lies, no one believes you.

  6. I am being paid by NO one to write my blog, and have been working without a salary for years trying to help people because I believe people need and deserve this information. I have found no one yet who will support the truth -- the truth and good science is not what sells - hence, why all of the special interests work so hard to silence the truth. More importantly, I am a medical professional and I would never sell out or write anything that isn't as true as I know it to be, even if I should ever find a sponsor.

  7. Now wouldn't it be awfully odd if Sandy were being paid by food companies (which food companies might those be, by the way?) to write her blog? Her blog doesn't encourage people to go out and pound McDonald's and buy lots of food. It can't possibly be any kind of help to the "food industry." Considering that fat people and thin people eat the same anyway, how could there be any food profit in encouraging fat people not to diet, or providing them information? I'm sorry, but right on its surface it makes no sense.

    If she wanted to cash in and make big bucks, all she'd need to do is join the DIET INDUSTRY in their ceaseless efforts. There's where the money is.

    I find junkfood science to be about the most informative, amazing site I've found in years. The thing about cancer alone is amazing - I was completely appalled at HOW that "study" (survey really) was conducted and reported - a freaking word search through a thousand studies that found no link suddenly used to make a link where none exists? That's science?

    Oh no, anonymous, you're not going to convince anyone that Sandy is doing anything but an amazing and desperately needed public service.

    Hey, anonymous - any chance YOU'RE being funded by the billion dollar diet industry, hmm?

    Sandy, I appreciate you posting here in your own defense very much; just realize that we wouldn't have believed a word of it anyway. It doesn't even make sense. Judging by your picture, you're not even fat, so it means that much more that you're doing so much to help us. Don't give up for a minute - we need you!

  8. P.S. Vesta I'm glad you let that comment stand, because I've seen it said elsewhere and I think it's important to go ahead and confront that ridiculous, nonsensical lie.

  9. Annie - That's precisely why I didn't delete the comment and said what I did in response. I've seen the rumor before and happen to know it's not true. I appreciate everything Sandy does with her blog, she provides a voice of sanity in the howling wilderness of obesity hysteria, and I'm glad she came here and put that asshat in his/her place.
    That's also why I added the comment policy on my main page, and at the top of this comment page. I'm not going to tolerate slandering a good woman who does so much to advance fat acceptance and truth about fat/health.

  10. For the people complaining that Sandy is getting "paid by the food industry" - Have you read her biography? Do you know anything about her besides what you read on the Junkfood Science blog or worse, blogs that oppose her blog?

    Did you know that besides being an RN with various degrees and certifications that she's a published author and has written numerous articles for such magazines as Chile and Gourmet (I think that's the other one), and that she's also a cookbook author?

  11. suzybear - I've corresponded with Sandy several times on just this subject. I can tell you that if she was getting paid by the "food industry", her posts would be a lot more postive about the studies on obesity and health than they are. Like I've said before, and will say again, the rumors are probably started by big pharma/diet companies/etc who don't like what she has to say about their biased take on all the studies. They're trying to silence her because she's the only one out there countering the negative spin that's fueling the hysteria about fat (and that's what it is, hysteria that's totally unfounded).

  12. I'm so fed up with the way people attack Sandy-thank you again for being a consistent voice of reason. I can't believe the cheek of 'I wish we had other sources than her', ha ha ha, that hides a multitude of sins doesn't it? Do you think that Sandy is the only medically qualified person aware of the actual implications of 'obesity' stigmatization and able to closely analyse scientific research?
    No, but they daren't join her, if you want to know look at how she is attacked, do you think most people have the drive to put themselves up for that? Next time you read her critics, ignore the abuse and read what they say fresh, tell me what have they got?

    And this is in the midst of useless pills, diets and that abomination of WLS, things that have killed people, how many people JFS finished off? None. Who should we fear most then?
    After all the lies we've been told, I think we're not quite so gullible. Unlike those that suspend their critical facilities when 'obesity' is in the frame.

  13. mumboj - amen. I think Sandy does an awesome job for us. You know when someone attacks her, it's because they're so afraid of TEH FATZ and so brainwashed into believing fat=death that they can't face the truth. That's why I don't tolerate attacks against her, she was one of the first blogs I started reading (pointed to her by a link on BFB, if I recall), and I learned a lot there (and am still learning).


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