Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Kirstie Alley to create her own diet plan

I saw a rumor the other day that, since Jenny Craig had Queen Latifah on board to tout their diet, they had fired Kirstie Alley. Looks like that might be true, she's coming out with her own diet plan in 2009. Just what we need, another diet that doesn't work for long-term weight loss (ah, but I don't know that, do I, since it isn't out yet).
"The weight-loss field is wide open and not immune to new ideas and improved solutions for the fat problems that plague many of us Americans every day," Alley said in a statement.

Kirstie, I hate to tell you this, but most of the problems that plague fat Americans won't be solved by getting thin. They're caused by people being brainwashed into thinking that they have to be thin in order to be worthwhile human beings. They're caused by all the fat hatred out there that tells fat Americans they're every demeaning word you can apply to a human being. They're caused by telling fat Americans that they will never have a good life or be able to enjoy life until they get thin. Your diet plan isn't going to be any different than any other diet plan out there, it's going to perpetuate the same mythconceptions that they all do, and you're going to be laughing all the way to the bank.
"I want to create something new that will help millions of people end the seemingly never ending fatty-roller coaster ride," she added.

So, you think you've found, or can create, a diet that will help people lose weight and keep it off permanently? Yeah, right, when the sun rises in the west it'll happen.
She did not give specific details about what she intends to create, only that she expects it to be "the healthiest, yummiest, easiest and most effective weight-loss program on the market."

That's what JC and NutriSystem offer, yummy food and effective weight loss (if you think food that's over-processed and tastes like carboard is yummy, that is). It ain't effective weight loss if you can't keep the weight off forever once you've lost it, and I can pretty much guarantee you that any plan you come up with isn't one that can be sustained forever. After all, it took you 3 years of JC to lose 75 lbs (that's an average of 2 lbs a week, if you don't plateau) and how many hours of exercise a day did you have to put in to accomplish that (not to mention: how much calorie restriction did you have to do in order to hit that weight loss)?
Sorry Kirstie, I'm not jumping on your bandwagon. I prefer to stay fat and healthy at the size I am now. I'm not risking another crackpot diet that will make me lose weight for a while, then quit working and have me gaining it all back, and possibly more. Been there done that, and I sure as hell don't need any more t-shirts, hats, or keychains proving it (not to mention making my health worse in the long run by adding another yo-yo diet to my past string of them).
Come back in 5 years and tell us just how well JC worked for you (or is it not working and that's why you're coming up with your own plan, and you want to get in on the money-machine, hmmmmm?).


  1. This is slightly off topic, but I swear to God:

    and I sure as hell don't need any more t-shirts, hats, or keychains proving it

    Oh, God the KEYCHAINS!!! I forgot about those. You know what else drove me up the wall? Those freakin' gold stars. I remember sitting in my first WW meeting, fired up and ready to go, full of diet fever, and then thinking, "Wait . . . did you just give that GROWN WOMAN a GOLD STAR???? WTF? How OLD are we??"

    But I'd forgotten the keychains. 'Scuse me while I go wipe tears of laughter from my eyes.

  2. marste - that gold star was supposed to motivate, because after all, isn't dieting (and the reward for losing) just another way to keep women striving for that elusive goal? Gold stars didn't work for a lot of kids (I was one of those who wanted a more tangible reward that lasted longer than one of those gold stars on piece of paper that was going to end up in the garbage anyway), so why they thought it would work for adults is beyond me.

  3. Why does part of me suspect this will be a scientology-based program.


  4. attrice - roflol! I forgot all about that aspect of it..........geez louize!

  5. Didn't I hear that Kirstie gained back a bunch of the weight she lost on JC?

  6. cj_in_va - I don't know if she has or not, but it wouldn't surprise me in the least.

  7. I was just going to make a big long post about this tonight. Now, this comes from The Enquirer, but hey, they were right about Rush Limbaugh lol. They brought in Valerie, which was the beginning of the end for Kirstie, who is of course putting back on significant amounts of weight. (Well, duh.) They had the balls to make the comment that Valerie "has kept off" the weight unlike Kirstie - Kirstie's been doing this for a few years and Valerie just reached her goal what, yesterday? (Hell, her New Year's commercial said she wasn't even there yet.)

    Kirstie's new thing is based on acupuncture and Chinese herbs.

    Like I say, I'm going to make a whole big post about all this crap tonight, hopefully (if I'm not too tired - I do get off at midnight after all lol) because it was really pretty cool how much bizarre weight loss stuff was in that magazine.

    OK I can't seem to login, but this is AnnieMcPhee.

  8. Annie - I never read the gossip rags, it's hard to tell what's true and what's made up just to sell the damn But yeah, I figured she was gaining the weight back, most do. And we'll see how well Valerie is doing in a couple of years. What you wanna bet that if she starts gaining it back, she disappears from public view? Because you know she's gonna ripped apart in the papers if that happens. What a total crock of shit weight loss is.

  9. Honest, I don't read them either - but this had a huge picture of Kirstie on the cover saying she'd been "fired for being too fat" so I couldn't resist.

    Acupuncture. Sigh. Wonder if that helps the body thetans in addition to the Chi?

  10. Acupuncture isn't something I've ever been interested in, so I don't have a clue (I don't mind sticking DH for his insulin, but I don't like needles sticking in me).
    I just find it hard to believe that any kind of diet is going to work long-term, no matter what it includes with the calorie restriction. Every time I hear about a new diet, all I can think is what the hell is wrong with eating well and doing whatever amount of exercise you can physically handle? What is wrong with loving yourself as you are? I guess they don't want us to do that because then they won't make any money off us (they aren't making any money off me anyway, I don't buy make-up, color my hair, or anything like that, and I quit doing the diet thing years ago). I admit it, I'm a low-maintenance Maybe that's one of the reasons DH loves me ;)


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