Friday, February 22, 2008

I found my bra style (and some neat undies)

I had nothing to do the other day, so I was surfing the net, looking for sites with bras for the rack of doom. I lucked out (after looking at probably 15 sites) at FreshPair. They carry bras in sizes from 30A-G to 56B-FF. Some band sizes have a wider range of cup sizes (52 happens to go up to H, YAY!) so this might be a good place to look for those hard to find sizes (and the prices aren't too bad, my Goddess ones are $29 each). I didn't have to pay any shipping either, which is a plus. OMG, I may actually be able to afford to replace my bras every 6 months instead of every 3 years now. What a concept!
I also found some stretchy satin panties at Wal-Mart by Just My Size (2 pair for $7.96) that have great colors, fit me like a dream, and actually look good and feel good on. I get the high-cut briefs (they're 95% nylon/5% spandex with a cotton-lined crotch). I bought one package to try (I got really tired of the cotton granny panties I'd been wearing) and since they fit so well and feel so good, I'm going to get some more of them (I know a lot of people don't like shopping WallyWorld, but they have panties that fit me at a price I'm willing to pay and I don't have to pay shipping and handling, what can I say, I'm cheap). They had black, red, blue, pink, brown, brown print, blue/pink print, burgundy, white on white, black on black, and a couple of other colors I don't remember right offhand. I got the red and black package (DH likes the red


  1. Excellent. I am happy that you found a bra and panties. I know how hard it is. I wear a 54FF and the only bra I ever end up buying is the Goddess bra with lacy cups. I wish I had more options, but nothing else fits any better. Though even with this bra I get overhang at the top of the cup sometimes :(

  2. thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou!!!!!

    Thank you so much for the site! So far as I can tell, my bra size doesn't exist. I tell someone what I'm looking for and they stare blankly. Being on the tiny side of body types, I think I'm supposed to have starved off all boobaliciousness. Except I didn't. Tell me, have you ever heard of a (natural) 30D?

  3. Don't know about the natural 30D, but pre-reduction surgery (major back and breathing problems) I was a 205 pound natural 34H. so 30D sounds within range of possible to me...

    I got the blank looks, the confused stares, and the "that's not possible, you must be mistaken on your size, let me measure you."

    One of my theories is that the containment of racks of doom can confine the ribs through adolescence, keeping them smaller than they should be...

  4. cynth - I've loved the Goddess bras ever since I tried my first one 6 years ago. But finding the particular style that fits is a PITA. LB used to carry them in their catalog, but not the style I like anymore. Catherine's used to carry them too, not anymore. Bare Necessities used to carry them, not anymore. They all carry Goddess, just not the style that I like and that fits. So I keep having to hunt up places that carry that one style.

    Karen - Glad to pass along good news whenever I can.
    As for a natural 30D, back when I lived in Spokane (in the 70's), my roommate's cousin wore a size 2 and she wore a 30DD (and was miserable, the boys called her the "toothpick with the casabas"). My roommate had a rack of doom also, but she was a fat woman (and from what I saw of the women in her family, they all had racks of doom, didn't matter if they were thin or fat, still racks of doom). I think breast size is one of those genetic curses (or blessings, depending on how you look at it).

    Sarah - it's totally possible, especially if the band size is too small just to keep large breasts from sagging (I've seen a lot of women whose bra band rides up between their shoulder blades and others whose bra band digs into their sides). Getting the right fit is definitely a trial and a tribulation that we shouldn't have to endure.

  5. Hooray for finding bras and panties you like!

    Karen, when I was thinner I wore a 32FF (now a 34/36 G/GG/H), so 30D sounds entirely reasonable to me :P But before I got fitted, I didn't realise there was such a thing as bras with a smaller than 34 band, or bigger than DD or E cups. Anyway, if you're looking for other sites that carry your size, and are good ones too.

  6. And from the other end of the scale, I currently wear about a 42-44A and a bit. People don't believe me when I say I need something built like that, either, and good luck looking for something like that to try on in a normal store. In addition, I have sloping shoulders, so I need wider straps if they're going to stay up properly.

    And people wonder why I went completely without for so many years....

  7. twistie - I haven't been able to go braless since 5th grade (I started wearing bras when I was in 3rd grade and my mother had a fit if I didn't wear one all the time). The only time I got to go braless with permission from her was when it was bedtime. I don't know what her problem was, but for a long time, I tried to minimize them as much as I could (easy enough to do when I was a 36C but as I got older and heavier, they got bigger and impossible to hide). Now, I don't care, I just want to be comfortable without being mashed or flopping all over the

  8. I like those JMS undies, too....I have several pairs. If you're willing to wait for sales - when LB puts the microfiber hi-cuts on sale...those. are. the. bomb. And when they're on sale for $3.99 a pair, I buy lots of them. (The LB ones seem to run a little big. As in, on no one's home planet am I an 18/20, and those fit just fine.)

    I may have to check out that site...or go get measured for a bra. I have long been a 44 or 46 C, but my brassieres are being difficult lately, so maybe the girls have mutated. *sigh*

    Glad you found stuff you like!

  9. Thanks for the link to this shop - I hadn't heard of it before, and there are some definitely possibilities to check out. I've got it bookmarked for when I have a moment to breathe!

  10. goingloopy - I had looked at the microfiber ones, will have to check them out when they go on sale again.

    tropicalchrome - de nada, with the hassle that finding bras that fit is, sharing links is the best thing I can think of to do. I've found some awesome sites from other FA bloggers, so I'm returning the favor :)

  11. The last time I bought a bra I tried Enell, and loved it- but didn't love the price. Now I'm searching again and would like to find one with more support- Enell is good but I still bounce. I found several brands with good reviews on, but most of the band sizes stopped at 40. Ugh! I'm probably at 48DD. I would love to see a seriously supportive bra that doesn't have a big seam that is seen through shirts, doesn't cause rolls of skin to pop out under the armpits, is attractive, and fits large band sizes as well as cup sizes! Ok, rant over, lol.

  12. so true, so true! It is almost impossible, no it is impossible, to find a bra that actually fits! I am 46B. Why don't they make clothes that actually fit changing body? If the pants fit in the waist, the legs are way too big. If it fits in the shouldes, the armholes are way too big. The bras bury themselves in my flesh within minutes. Guess I shoukd be pleased that at least my underwear doesn't torture me. Some clothes designer needs to wake up and address these concerns. Let me know if you have any suggestions. thanks!


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