Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Some really old ads: Health was not a concern?

Oh yeah, Lysol for douching and tapeworms for weight loss. I don't think I want to go back to the 'good old days', how about you?


  1. Hahaha! I LOVE old ads. Just wait until 80 years from now when people are laughing their asses off at all the stupid diet and diet food commercials. I'll be in my piano-case grave laughing my bones off.

  2. No kidding. I about shit when I saw the one about douching with Lysol. So not something I would want to do.

  3. I was at House on the Rock a couple weeks ago and saw the sterilized tape worms package in one of the Streets of Yesterday windows. I kept getting shudders and making weird squawking noises. Ooooo, just thinking about it brings them back. I think it freaks me out more than Lysol douche, though it's a close contest.

  4. They're a riot. I think my fave is the 'everybody's gal' one. Or the 'smoke in her face'. So hard to choose.

  5. I love old ads too. I think my fav has to be the "blow it in her face" hard to beat that double entendre from yester-year.

    I have an old mag here that was my moms and it has an ad I need to get scanned, so I can post it online. It says "Don't be skinny" and shows a thin woman painfully watching a curvy woman with a man running along the beach holding hands.

  6. I've heard that the Lysol douching ad was a reference to Lysol's spermicidal qualities, not its cleansing qualities. In an era when birth control was illegal, it was coded advertising.

    The tape worms thing is freaky. I want to believe that's a fake ad. :(

  7. haHA! these were hysterical!

    love the "blow smoke in her face" one. that gets me hot every time.

    cynth - you reminded me of this ad from 1890:

  8. I had heard about the Lysol for douching before. Apparently, my grandmother did it. When I heard that from my Mom I just could not believe it.

    With respect to old ads... I have one by Monsanto from the nineteen-teens showing two men applying asbestos to a roof (no protective gear, nothing). Now I wish I had taken a picture of an advert on the side of a building here -- a guy in a hazmat suit advertising asbestos removal. They'd go well together, don't you think?


  9. Gross. Gross. Gross.

    As if the idea of douching wasn't bad enough in itself, through in some harsh chemicals and your vagina will hate you forever.

    These ads are great. Oh how times have changed ;)

    Thanks for the post,

  10. hotsauce - I love the too thin ad! Thanks for sharing it.

    Brigid Keely - It wasn't that many years ago they tried re-introducing the tape worm "weight loss system" with tapeworm segments in "candy".

  11. been lurking for a while. Like the old ads.

    Yes the tapeworm ad is a real one. I saw several of those in some Victorian era ads. Remember, this was the era when fashionable wealthy women had surgery to remove ribs so they would have a tiny wasp waist for that "hourglass figure".

    And yes, the lysol ad is actually birth control. My mother's aunt told us about alum (as in the pickling spice and natural dye mordant) douches that were used in the 20's to the 40's as a birthcontrol method. This aunt said her doctor also blamed the alum douche for her infertility.



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