Thursday, January 8, 2009

luccy: What part of "No Diet Talk/NoWLS" do you not understand?

Okay, I have this spammer/troll who likes to comment on certain posts of mine with an advertisement for a weight loss website. She/he/it seems to think that I'm going to post its comment advocating diet/exercise/drugs for weight loss. This is in spite of the anti-diet anti-WLS No Diet talk Fat Acceptance Blog banner on the sidebar.
What part of Fat Acceptance, No Diet Talk, Anti-diet, Anti-weight loss do you moronic spammers not understand? Can you not read and understand what you've read? Or is it that 2 seconds after you've read something, you've forgotten it? Reading comprehension skillz, you don't haz dem.
I've dieted, I've tried the so-called diet drugs, I've tried WLS. None of it worked for permanent weight loss, EVER. If you bothered to read anything I've written, you would know how I feel about all 3 of those topics and you wouldn't waste your time (and mine) asking me to point my readers to sites that advocate that foolishness. You are evidently a lot more stupid than you obviously think I am if you think I'm going to advance your agenda of shilling shit that doesn't work just so you can get money out of fat peoples' pockets.
So, luccy, whoever the fuck you are, you can quit spamming me because none of your comments will ever see the light of day on my blog. It's a waste of your time and internet bandwidth to keep trying.
Oh, and just FYI, "the shackles of obesity" are not binding me, however, "the shackles of ignorance" are binding you quite tightly.

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  1. Yeah, I've had that, too. Also by email. I figure that if they can't demonstrate basic reading comprehension skills, then they deserve the DELETE key.


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