Monday, January 26, 2009

chicken noodle recipe - new to me

Ok, I've been looking for more ways to fix the groceries we buy (I get stuck in a rut sometimes, mainly because it's easier to cook the same old things all the time, and I hate to cook). So last night, I had set some boneless, skinless chicken thighs out to thaw, and had some broccoli cuts (Bird's Eye Steamers) in the freezer that weren't that great steamed (lots of stem chunks, not a lot of florets). I also had a bag of kluski noodles (man, I love those). So, I boiled the thighs in salted water, and while they were boiling, I cut up the broccoli florets and used my food chopper to mince the broccoli stem chunks (worked like a dream). When the thighs were done, I took them out of the broth to cool, put the 12 oz bag of noodles in to cook, and tossed in the cut up/minced broccoli. When the noodles/broccoli were done, I added a can of cream of chicken soup (I drained off some of the water so the result wouldn't be too soupy), tossed in the chicken I had diced, added onion and garlic powder to our taste, and let it heat through. Turned out rather well, I thought (and DH liked it too). There was enough that we had dinner, there were leftovers for his lunch today, and leftovers for my lunch today and tomorrow. Total cost for the whole thing was less than $8 for 5 servings (and there was plenty of chicken, the 2 packages of thighs I used were on sale, buy one get one free, love meat sales like that).
I think I might try this same dish but substituting a small roast for the chicken, using beef broth and cream of mushroom soup with the broccoli and noodles. Damn, that sounds good, maybe dinner tomorrow night..............


  1. I used to make a great chicken noodle soup before I went vegetarian. I can still make great chicken and dumplings with the faux vegetarian chicken, but I can't get the chicken noodle soup to taste just right. I think the magic ingredient is the fat from the chicken. It's just not the same without it.

  2. I stay in a cooking rut. Seems like just about every new recipe I try is a bust, so I tend to stick to the old tried and trues.

    What you made sounds good. I just might have to try it. Gonna have to go google kluski noodles. Never heard of them!

  3. Rachel - Yeah, the fat is what gives it most of its flavor, not sure how one would replace that.

    Kat - Kluski noodles are egg noodles, about as close to homemade as you can get from a store, and the ones I bought are made by the Amish (at least, that's what the bag said). I just don't have the strength in my arms to roll out homemade egg noodles anymore.

  4. where can I bhy kluski noodles? Pennsylvania dutch used to make them, but stop and shop doesn't sell them anymore.

  5. I found them at Wal-Mart with the other noodles, and our Coborn's grocery store has them too. I've also found them at Cub Foods and HyVee.


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