Friday, January 30, 2009

I think I may have found pants I like, finally

Well, this is a good thing. I've been buying pants for DH at Haband, he likes the knit pants with elastic waist and drawstring and pockets. They actually carry them in several colors (black, navy, burgundy, heather gray, charcoal gray) and go up to a size 6X, and you can order inseams from short (28") to X-long (33" - 34"). Now, I don't like the idea of an elastic waist with a drawstring, but the drawstring can be removed.
So I was looking at the pants and trying to decide if I wanted to order some for me. DH told me to go for it, but to order a size bigger than I would normally wear because they shrink when washed and dried. So I ordered 3 pair for me and 3 more pair for him (he already has 3 pair we ordered a while back). All 6 pair only cost $61, with shipping and handling. They came in the mail today, and I tried a pair on, and after washing and drying, they are going to fit me awesomely, and I love the way they feel (they're 100% cotton). They aren't a really heavy pant, so will work for summer wear (and if it's too cold in the winter, I can always wear my leggings underneath for added warmth). I think I'm going to have to say to hell with looking for the pants I want at LB or WW, and go with the ones from Haband. I got black, charcoal, and burgundy, and will go back later on and get the other colors they have so I will have a variety to go with my tops. Now I can go through my closet and throw out the knit pants I've been wearing that have the tiny holes in them from being worn and washed so often over the last 5 or 6 years (and other small holes from where our dryer was eating them, got that fixed so no more eating clothes for it).
Haband does carry clothing for women, but their pant sizes stop just short of fitting me (and they don't carry talls for women). Most of their pant sizes stop at a 42" inch waist (their size chart says they go up to a 46/48" waist, but I haven't found any that do). They only carry petite and average lengths, with no inseams listed for those. Their prices seem to be pretty good for the women's pants, slightly higher than the men's pants I ordered, but not outrageously so, comparable to Lane Bryant Woman Catalog and Woman Within pricing.

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  1. Whooo hooooooo!! Isn't that one of the best feelings in the world? Ya know... finding clothes that are a lovely fit. Enjoy it!!


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