Saturday, January 19, 2008

Witt student to be featured on MTV's "True Life: I'm Happy to Be Fat"

I don't watch MTV, but this particular episode has me rethinking that. I'm wondering if they are going spin this into another one of those "she's nuts to think fat chicks are acceptable" shows, or are they actually going to let it be as fat-positive as it should be?
She became a "fat activist" and created the Body Beautiful Project, a new club at Witt that promotes size acceptance. With 25 members, the club is pushing for bigger desks on campus and would like to host an all-sizes fashion show.

Jessica Patton sounds like an awesome person to me and deserves to have this segment of the show treat her with respect, but I'm not counting on it. I do like what her college's director of multicultural student programs had to say though.
It's a natural fit at a liberal arts college, according to Forest Wortham, director of multicultural student programs.

"We have a group of young people that are taking a look at what's out there and they're not going to accept it," he said. "They're stepping back and saying they're going to be their own person."

I don't know how big this college is, but 25 members seems to be a pretty good start on getting the word out that size is just a number and not indicative of a person's worth or beauty. I think more colleges need Body Beautiful Project clubs on campus.


  1. Thanks for the heads up on this! I don't watch MTV either except for every now and then to see what's up with the younger crowd. I'm certainly going to watch this. Like you, I'll be curious to see just how fat positive the show turns out to be.

    Young folks getting involved in the movement really inspires me and makes me believe this(FA)is really going to happen.

  2. I'm really excited to see this too. I shot for a little while with MTV for this project, but things ended up not working out.

    I'm so so glad Roxie had a great experience- I'll definitely be watching:)

  3. This is definitely welcome news - thanks for sharing it. My university has an ED awareness group, but even it is pretty inactive. I know there is a thriving FA chapter at Antioch College in Yellow Springs, Ohio, but I think Antioch is closing soon, if it hasn't already.

  4. Kat - I'm hoping that a lot of teens see this and that it helps them figure out how to accept themselves as they are. That would be just too cool for words, IMO.

    Joy - I read about your experience with MTV for that show and it made me so mad that they would treat you like that. I guess that kind of thing is a money-maker (like the obesity hysteria news selling papers), but still, it sucked big time.

    rachel - I thought it was pretty welcome news too, and I'm going to be watching to see how MTV treats it. I hope this kind of thing starts catching on all over the US. Acceptance starts with each individual, and can be contagious (be nice if it was as contagious as a

  5. I'm a member of the BBP, our school is only about 3000 (small liberal-arts Lutheran school) but I agree 25 members is pretty good :) Roxie is an amazing person, I'm so excited for her and to see this show (which i'm in, even though i hate being on camera T__T )

  6. Kate - congratulations, that's great! I'm looking forward to seeing it too, and knowing that someone who's read my blog is going to be in the show makes it better :)

  7. HEY! This is Roxie and I was sooooooo excited when I read this blog. I want to thank you guys so much for the support!

  8. Hey, Roxie, no problem. We gotta support each other, that's how we keep acceptance going and growing. I just wish I had had the confidence you have when I was your age.

  9. I like that they noted the fact that "fat" is preferred to "overweight" or "obese." Overweight implies something out of order, and obese is I guess a medical term which is called a disease. For whatever reason people come in different sizes and it's past time to accept that.

    Roxie, I can't wait to see your debut, and keep up the good work! I'm so glad you're not starving yourself anymore!

    Argh - don't remember my password. AnnieMcPhee

  10. When I heard Roxie was starting something like this, I had a gut reaction that it was the the opportune moment to be part of something great.

    I'd been considering joining various clubs on campus, but this is definitely the first one I've been this eager about.

    We're going to get out there and show the world how to act, one person at a time.

    Who knows? In time, the BBP might take over Wittenberg! Wouldn't that be great?

  11. earl david - that would be totally awesome! I think Roxie has a lot of courage and I think this is an idea whose time has definitely arrived.

  12. Hi Roxie!
    I wanted to know what ever happened to you and that dude??? If he didn't go for you, he's a fool! Good Luck with the BBP. I'm sure it'll be a great doubt one of the many in your future.... KR :)

  13. Hey all, I don't know if anyone still keeps up on this post but this is Roxie from the show again and I have my own blog now and I would really love if you all would check it out.


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