Monday, January 28, 2008

Rachel and Monique on The Morning Show rocked!!!!!

Man, rabidRoth spews the same old shit, there's nothing new, and it's inaccurate to boot. Did y'all know that 800 people a day die from TEH FATZ? That's 292,000 fat people a year dying just because they're fat. Ummmm, excuse me, bitch, but even the CDC lowered the number to less than 30,000 deaths a year from obesity. If you're going to quote statistics, the least you can do is get them right. She also said that fat acceptance wasn't a problem, since by 2015, 75% of the population is going to be fat. She said that if the headline in the NYT had been "Thin and Healthy is Acceptable", there would have been an outraged uproar over it. Ummm, what planet are you living on? Aren't we bombarded every fucking day of our lives with the fact that thin is healthy, beautiful, desirable, etc, etc, etc and that TEH FATZ is deadly, ugly, stupid, gluttonous, lazy, etc, etc, etc? If it's so fucking acceptable to be fat in this world, I sure as hell haven't seen it much. The really sad thing about rabidRoth? She doesn't see the garbage she's spewing as hatred, it's for our health, and "think of the children's health".
That doctor wasn't any better. If your BMI is over 30, even if you're fit and healthy, you are still automatically at risk of diseases that are going to kill you (I don't think she understands that "risk" doesn't automatically mean you're going to get any of those diseases). And her eating advice is a crock of shit. Don't eat white bread, white rice, potatoes, sugar (yeah, cut out whole groups of foods so that you start to obsess about what you can't have and your body might need so you end up binging on it, that sounds so healthy.....NOT), get lots of sleep or TEH CORTISOL is going to pack on the pounds. Not "get enough sleep so you are energized and refreshed" but "get enough sleep so you don't get OMG FAT". Don't drink your calories, but she didn't get a chance to elaborate on what she meant by that.
Rachel and Monique ruled!! Rachel made some awesome points about the BMI standard for overweight and obese being lowered 10 years ago, and that she's healthier now than she was when she was at her so-called normal weight. Monique was great when she talked about treating fat people with respect just because we're human, and that being shamed and ridiculed does nothing for us but discourage us (why jog, if that's what you like to do, when people are going to yell at you and throw garbage at you like happened to one of the women who posted on BFD).
They were TEH AWESOME at interrupting rabidRoth, and for once, she didn't get to spew as much hate and inaccurate information as she usually does.
I didn't take notes while I was watching this, so there's probably a few things I forgot to mention. For a very short segment, Rachel and Monique, you did wonderfully well and I'm so glad you both were able to do this.


  1. I hate that ridiculous "white food" thing. I hear this constantly, and I wonder when they're going to make 25-lb bags of wheat bread flour available to me for the same price as white? When will they halve the price of whole-wheat pasta so that I can afford to feed it to my family? I'd gladly buy brown rice, but it's also not available in bulk - I'm stuck with white that's not as tasty, because it's cheaper.

    Must be nice to be able to afford to cut out whole blocks of basically nutritious foods just because of their color.

  2. bacon's mom - I don't know a lot about the white vs brown thing as far as health goes. I do know that the whole wheat bread I buy for DH is a lot lower in carbs and higher in fiber than any other bread I've found (it's Wonder Bread's Light Whole Wheat, btw). I check carbs and fiber on everything we buy because DH is diabetic and we're using a low-carb WOE to control his blood sugar. As far as rice is concerned, there isn't much difference in carb and fiber between the two, it must be a flavor thing. Most of the whole wheat pasta I've seen doesn't have much difference from the white pasta as far as carbs and fiber go either, although I did find one whole wheat egg noodle that was low-carb/high fiber. And I can tell you that trying to find low-carb/high fiber foods in regular grocery stores is almost an impossible task. Call me cynical and paranoid, but it seems like the food industry is bound and determined to keep us tied to the over-processed, under-nutritious garbage they've been passing off as food for years.

  3. vesta, I had the same thing happen to me; I was riding a bike with my kids, and had a giant soda thrown at me from a moving car, and the guys screamed "Mooo!" It hit me square in the chest. Now seriously, I wasn't even trying to lose weight, but to have some time with my children doing something they liked to do.

    There are videos all over youtube of "Omg extreme video - fat woman exercising" "fat girl dancing/exercising" "fat woman doing situps" etc. just for mockery's sake. No, it's no wonder fat people can't get the exercise they need, or that some DO end up sick because they can't get their exercise. You're practically not allowed to. And Mememememe? If THAT is fat acceptance, I'm the f***ing pope.

  4. Bacon's mom, I'm pretty sure we bought brown rice in very large bags, but maybe not the bulk you're thinking of. A great alternative, if you find out who your local distributor is for Prairie Gold Wheat there are some awesome awesome cheap whole grains that taste good. I do buy the whole wheat berries and mill them and make some things, but my favorite is the bulgur, which is basically the whole wheat steamed, dried and cracked. It's a lot like brown rice to eat, and has a really pleasant, sweet smell when you're boiling it. You can eat it with sugary flavor or salty - even substitute it for the meat in your chili or tacos. I got 50 pounds of bulgur for something like $12 (and it lasts forever) and the buckets of 50lbs of whole wheat was also cheap - maybe $14 then. Check into it because whoever there is in your area that brings it in will probably have the whole list of things you can buy, and they're all bulk, and all things that you can't get in stores at a great price. I really do think they're healthier than processed grains by far, but, for most store products I just don't like the "whole wheat" versions of things.

  5. Yeah, I don't know if that would happen here, but I'm not willing to chance it. I've had kids dart out in the street in front of my minivan and yell at me because I almost hit them. They were teenagers and one of them said something about a fat bitch needing to learn how to drive. I just yelled back that if they didn't look out, this fat bitch would run over their asses (since they weren't in a crosswalk and ran out from between two parked cars). A couple of them live up the street from us, and they don't run out in the street anymore when I drive by (I must be an intimidating
    rabidRoth wouldn't know fat acceptance if it walked up and bit her on the nose. She has no credentials in nutrition or medicine, so I wouldn't believe a word she has to say (she could tell me the sky was blue and I'd have to check to make sure it was).
    She thinks obesity kills, she's lucky fat people have more restraint than she does. It takes heroic effort not to strangle someone as venomous as she is.

  6. "They were teenagers and one of them said something about a fat bitch needing to learn how to drive. I just yelled back that if they didn't look out, this fat bitch would run over their asses (since they weren't in a crosswalk and ran out from between two parked cars)."

    Vesta, you gave me the giggles and caused a scene from the movie Fried Green Tomatoes pop into my mind. It is the scene where Kathy Bates rams her car into the parked car of a couple snotty girls yelling "Towanda"!

  7. I remember that scene very well, it was just too funny and sounded like something I would totally do. Isn't that what insurance is for, after all?

  8. Very cool blog!

    I'm so tired of the whole health thing.

    We all die. get over it.

    My wife and I are not skinny folk. We love each other for what is stored in our hearts, not what is stored in the fat cells of our body.

  9. DirkStar - thanks :)
    I think you're right, it's what's stored in our hearts, not in our fat cells that matters most. After all, it's not our fat that determines how we treat others, is it.


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