Monday, January 21, 2008

In the Fatosphere, Big is In, or at Least Accepted

Congratulations to Big Fat Deal, Fatgrrl, Shapely Prose, TheFWord, FatChicksRule, The Rotund, fatfu, RedNo3, and Feed Me. Ya'll made the New York Times.
The Harvard School of Public Health and Walter Willet are still just sure that the majority of fat people are fat because of their lifestyle. But he's been deluded about fat for a long time, and I think his mind is permanently closed (probably nailed and glued closed, at that). I must say, though, that his was the only negative part of the article and was refuted quite well by mention of studies that show fat can help heart patients and dialysis patients survive longer.
All in all, the article was a lot more fat-positive than I expected. Thumbs up to the NYT.


  1. Yes!!

    Won't be long until the Today show calls ladies or maybe Oprah. This IS going to happen.

  2. Nice to see some coverage of the Fatosphere in a major newspaper.


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