Monday, January 7, 2008

Internets problems

I love technology, but there are times when it drives me absolutely batshit. My computer went into the shop last week to have the hard drive reformatted and then I went back to Windows Millenium (I hate XP, and I'm not even going to go in to how I feel about Vista). Then I found out that our wireless router was shot. So the pc came home today, with a new router (not wireless this time, since the 2 pc's are less than 6 feet apart). Got it all hooked up and couldn't get online. Disconnected everything, hooked DH's pc up to the cable modem and couldn't get online. Come to find out, part of the cable in our end of town had gone bad and had to be replaced.
Now that the cable is back, it's only back for him, we can't get the router to work with the cable modem (and the only way we can get the cable to work for him is if I disable his Norton antivirus, WTF is up with that?). So I have to call the pc people tomorrow and see what they think the problem is.
I totally hate this, I don't have all of my bookmarks on DH's pc (and I really doubt that he would want me to put all of them on here, since I have at least 80 that are FA blogs, not to mention all the ones for clothes, etc, etc). So it's going to take me a week to catch up on everything I've missed that y'all have been writing once I can get my pc back online and replace all of my bookmarks. I've been able to reinstall all my games, and the programs/hardware I had before, but I miss my bookmarks. I just wish I was a little more computer-savvy than I am.
Anyway, that's why posting has been non-existent here, and may be for a while longer.


  1. Geek here... Just disable the Norton Firewall, and/or create an exception in the firewall rules (more difficult than it sounds). Windows Firewall is often sufficient combined with the router's firewall. You can set the router's firewall higher also.

    Norton is a piggie, eating up all your system's resources. I advise my clients to download the free AVG from here instead of resubscribing to Norton in the future. I do recommend Norton for computers used by teenagers or others who frequently get into trouble online or have high-risk surfing patterns.


  2. Yeah, I uninstalled Norton and installed AVG free, solved that problem. I couldn't get my pc online, and ended up having to get another router from the pc people, and then I had to install a new ethernet card (I told her the integrated one on the motherboard was shot, but she said it worked in the shop). I couldn't get it to work at home no matter what we did, so I got a new card today, installed it, and voila, I'm back online. Jesus, I ought to know my computer, I've had it for 3 years now, I know what works on it and what doesn't. I'm not real computer literate as far as hardware goes, but I do know when something is working and when it's not. But thanks for the info, every bit helps.


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