Monday, January 21, 2008

Tonight's episode of MTV's I'm Happy to Be Fat

I was pleasantly surprised tonight with this program. Roxie ruled with getting her club started, and I know the feeling of liking someone and waffling about "Should I ask him out/Should I wait for him to ask me out?" She had good answers when asked why she thought the club was a good addition to the campus, very well-thought out, very well-expressed.
Mike got his chubby chasers club going, but hasn't met anyone special yet. I thought he was a pretty neat guy, and will find someone in time. His nude calendar was pretty cool too, and the fact that he had the confidence to do that is awesome (I liked his comment that he didn't show "the jewels").
The only complaint I have was the way Sharonda was treated by her family, friends, and doctor. All of them have the idea that fat is deadly and automatically leads to diabetes and high blood pressure. Sharonda said she had more confidence at her current weight, and didn't really want to go back to being thinner. But she caved after seeing the doctor (the doctor said that overweight people are 10 times more likely to get TEH DIABETES AND DIE FROM IT, give me a break)and having her friend tell her that she doesn't want to see Sharonda die from something that could be prevented if she would just lose some weight. So now Sharonda is eating less and working out 5 days a week. She wants to lose 70 lbs by summer (she's currently at 320, and wants to get down to 250). I don't see anything wrong with working out if that makes you feel good and it's what you want to do. But to be pushed into it because OMG YOU HAVE TEH FAT AND IT'S GOING TO KILL YOU DEAD DEAD DEAD is just a crock of shit, IMO. And her friend who said Sharonda chose to be fat, so of course she's not going to be able to find cute clothes needs a swift kick in the ass. She spouted the same old cliche of eating 5 cheeseburgers at a time. Give me a break, you're using hyperbole there, and so what if someone does eat like that? Does that mean they have to stay in the house naked? Or wear tacky sackcloth and ashes to show how bad they are for being fat and not meeting YOUR expectations? I don't think so. With friends like you, darlin', Sharonda don't need no fucking enemies.
I wonder if MTV did the Sharonda section just to get in the expected TEH FATZ IS BAD rant to counter the fact that people can be fat, fit, and happy. If so, it ain't workin' with this fat woman. I know better, I don't buy into propaganda and hysteria anymore. There are other fat people out there who aren't buying it anymore either.

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  1. Of course the Sharonda segment was a big disclaimer - see, we don't *really* support fat acceptance, because we all know fat is death. I'm waiting for Oxygen to force some kind of disclaimer like this on "How to Look Good Naked." The NYT article had to include the obligatory "Well, we still know fat is bad and unhealthy and even though we shouldn't blame people, we blame people." They can't ever put out a fat positive message without covering themselves against the worldwide war against obesity.

    I didn't see the show, but I feel bad for Sharonda. What great asshole friends and family to set her up for a huge fucking failure and disappointment. They're the sick ones.

    Annie McPhee


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