Sunday, September 7, 2008

Mermaid on my masthead

Ok, I got this wonderful mermaid at the top of my blog from a link in one of the blogs I read and I can't remember which one it was. Does anyone recall seeing her, and if you do, could you give me the link? I'd like to give the artist credit for her, and also see if the mermaid, or ones like her, are for sale. She's an awesome mermaid and I really like her, not to mention that a couple of readers have asked for a link to her.
I really need to start using links as the titles of pictures I download so I can remember where I found them. If I don't write it down, or make a note of it somewhere, I'm not going to remember it.
I tried doing a search for fat mermaid, fat mermaid figurine, fat mermaid art and came up with lots of cool stuff, but couldn't find this particular mermaid, so any help would be greatly appreciated.


  1. Duh...Please ignore my comment on the previous post :)

  2. :D That was my blog! yay!

    I had posted the picture on this post specifically:

    hm.. I didn't link where I found it.. I probably found it on google, but I'm not sure what i used to find it... I would search through my AOL favorites, but since I'm at college I have my laptop and not the computer I have at home with all my favorites.. When I go back home next time I'll be sure to look through them, I'm positive I saved the link somewhere.

  3. Lizzie - Yep, I remember reading that post of yours, and loving the mermaid, which is why I did a 'copy and save' of her. I tried googling all the terms I could come up with, and found a lot of interesting stuff (I so want the counted cross stitch patterns of fatmermaids03 I found on Webshots), but I couldn't find her. So, it's not a big rush or anything, just whenever you're home and can get on your computer, I'd love to have the link for her, if you have the time. Thanks so much for letting me know your blog was where I found the mermaid.

  4. I just love this curvy mermaid! I can hardly wait until you solve the mystery of her origin and find out more about the artist.


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