Monday, September 22, 2008

Fat mermaids I've found

I found these cute mermaids here, I wish I could afford them all.


  1. I bet I know which one you'd want first ;)

    Really adorable, and I don't normally like mermaids :)

  2. Cuuuuuute! I especially love the second one. I should head to the coast right now and ask her to marry me.

    Seriously, though, I once found a shop with some nice figures of middle-aged mermaids. It's true. Instead of the skinny, melon bosomed, barely legally aged mermaids that are the object of so many men's fantasied, these were mermaids with belly fat, double chins, and stylish hats. I'll have to find out who manufactures them and send you some pictures.

  3. I LOVE the one hugging that seahorse! :D

  4. Can you help me?! Do you remember where you found these the link above doesnt work. My dog ate my fat mermaid and ive been trying to find them everywhere. She looked just likw the purple one in the 3rd picture. My email is if you happen to remember :)

  5. Also looking for a new link for possibly purchasing one of these for someone.


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