Sunday, September 7, 2008

Home again and other news

Went to Rochester again this weekend. We finally found DH's parents' graves and got to put flowers on them. Then we visited one of his 6 brothers (the other 5 live in other states, so I probably won't get to meet them unless there's a family reunion).
Went to Faribault to see my son and his wife, and the house they moved into. It's out in the country, has a nice big yard and some really old trees (the trunk on one was probably 3 1/2 feet in diameter), so they have room for their new puppy to run (Max is a 2 1/2 month old pit bull, tan and white, and what an energetic cutie!). Got to see one of the grandsons, Austin is going to be 15 next month. He was out riding the ATV around the yard while my son installed the CD player I bought for my minivan.
My son is sooooo cool. I told him I had gone to Best Buy to get a CD player installed, and they told me that my year of minivan with the Infiniti sound system had speakers with amplifiers, so to install a CD player, I would have to replace all the speakers and rewire them or it wouldn't work (final cost for all of this, including the $150 CD player - $500, and it would take them at least 3 hours to do it). I told them yeah, right, I'm going to spend $500 on a sound system for a 10 year old minivan..........NOT!!!! When Jon heard that, he said they were just trying to sell me shit I didn't need. So we went to WallyWorld and spent $132 on a CD player, adapter face plate, and plug-in adapter and he installed it for me in less than an hour (is he good, or what *G*). Now, I will admit, the CD player doesn't have the booming, rattle-your-bones bass I had with the factory radio/cassette player, but it's more than adequate for my needs (and it plays MP3 CDs, which is a definite plus), but Jon said if I wanted that rattling-your-bones bass thump, I could spend $50 on an amplifier and he'd install it for me (and ya never know, I might just decide I want that for my Metallica and Rob Zombie CDs....LOL).
Our cats are certainly characters. Slick greeted us at the door when we got home, but FatCat kept right on sleeping in DH's recliner. FatCat didn't wake up until we went out on the back porch to clean out the 2 cat boxes we had left for them. I got one emptied, and was scooping the other one (now how fastidious are these cats, they pooped in one box and peed in the other one........) when FatCat came out and snuck around behind me to get in the one I was scooping. I had to wait to finish scooping that box until he was finished with his business (and all the while, DH was standing there and laughing his ass off at me and the cat). Then when DH sat down in his recliner, he had both cats on his lap, wanting attention (and FatCat gives love bites when you pet him, so that's always fun.........). Slick, well, you could pet him all day long every day and it wouldn't be enough for him, he's a real attention fiend.


Slick and DH


  1. Wow. Your cats ARE fastidious! Never heard of anything like that before. Hope you are doing well:)

  2. I LOVE the mermaid. Where is that pic from?

  3. I once had a cat (Dakota) that would actually use the TOILET if his litter box was too dirty for his liking. So yeah... I can totally believe that they'd do something like that. ;)


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