Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Just wondering?

Just wondering. When will this political shit end?


  1. I'd say in 2 months, but you know that the debate will still rage on for a bit afterwards, regardless of who wins.

    At least here in Canada, the current election campaign is only a few weeks long and will end in less than 3 weeks.

    Sometimes I think I'm too cynical for seriously following politics.

  2. To be perfectly frank, it's NEVER going to end. Even if we end up with the utopian world like what you saw on Star Trek, there will still be politicians.

    It's the who that changes, not the what, unfortunately.

    But I also wanted to say that I LOVE that second graphic! Hahhahahaha!

  3. Hang in there vesta - we know it never goes away, but it dies down to a dull, ignorable roar within some few months. That's if we don't have a fiasco like in 2000, in which case it'll take a few more months.

  4. As a resident of a town that borders 2 battleground states (Ohio and Michigan), I want to just shoot myself. We get a barrage of ads not only for the presidential election, but all Michigan and Ohio races. Last year was a special treat--there was a special election in December that turned ugly and name-calling. So much fun to watch T.V. then!

  5. Probably not soon enough! LOL


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