Friday, December 28, 2007

RightFit is confusing

Okay, I got my thank-you from Lane Bryant for blogging about RightFit jeans ($100 gift card). So today, DH and I went to the LB in St Cloud so I could try on the jeans and see if they really do fit. According to the online sizing, I should wear a blue 10 (I normally wear a 26/28 in knit pants). But because I had been reading that the sizing runs big, when I got to the store, I tried a blue 8 in talls (they didn't have any blue 10's). Well, they fit great, other than the fact that the talls were about 5 inches too long (and I take a 32" inseam, so WTF is up with that?). So I tried the average length and they were perfect. The only other problem I might have with them is that they were just a bit hard to button, but the saleslady said they would stretch after I've worn them a bit (and I've read that from others). So I am now the proud owner of two pairs of RightFit blue 8 flares in dark blue. I think I'm in love.
Then I headed over to Catherine's to check out their clearance racks for tops, and today was my lucky day. I found a pink top, short sleeves, with navy trim, and silver butterflies and gothic printing I can't read, and a teal top with short sleeves and silver flowers and rinestones around the neck. I got them both for $29 (normally would have been $55, so I'm glad I stopped in (I love saving money when I'm spending I saw a few other tops I might like to have when I was in there, but I'll have to hope they are still there and still on clearance when I can afford to go back the end of January. I saw some really cute tops with long sleeves, but I'm just not fond of long sleeves (I usually end up pushing them up to my elbows and then getting pissed when they slide back down). I could cut the sleeves off and hem them, but I really don't like to do that since the hems I do never quite match the original hems.
While I was in LB, DH was checking out a gift shop across the way, and found a silver dragon with a blue opalescent crystal ball and a sword (the sword is removable and can be used as a letter opener). So he got that for me (he knows I like dragons), what a sweetheart he is. Then we checked out a shoe store that carries the New Balance shoes (he heard they were good if you have to do a lot of standing or walking on concrete all day). So we found him a pair of those that he liked and got those. He about shit when he found out they cost $105, but like I told him, if they keep his feet from hurting (and therefore his knees and back) and they last, then they are well worth the money.
All in all, it was a good day, especially considering that I don't like shopping.


  1. Yes, good shoes are important if you are working on your feet all day. I don't hesitate to spend $100 on shoes I wear to work. I'm in retail and therefore on my feet all day. New Balance are some of the best shoes out there. If you're standing on concrete all day, you need some good solid cushioning, like they provide.

    About the long sleeves thing. I can's stand sleeves around my wrists either. I usually roll mine up. If they don't stay up, I get a rubber band and roll the rubber band up in the cuffs. They stay up that way. Just make sure the rubber band is loose enough that it doesn't cut off the circulation.

    I haven't tried the right fits. I've heard, like you've said, that they're super long. I've got super short legs for my height, but I can't take petite sizes either. I'm afraid of ending up with jean legs five inches too long or something.

  2. Sounds like a good shopping trip.

    I think you and a few other people have convinced me to go try the right fit jeans. I am having SUCH a horrible time finding pants that fit right.

    Have a lovely weekend.

  3. rose - shoes are very important when you're on your feet all day (been there done that). The clerk at the shoe store said that a lot of doctors recommend New Balance shoes for people who are on their feet a lot, so I would say that's a good indication that the shoes are worth every penny.
    nudiemuse - I would say it's worth trying the RightFit jeans, but I wouldn't go completely by their online measuring system says about the size you need. Even if it tells you you need a blue, I'd try the red and yellow too, just to see which gives you the best fit since their sizing seems to be pretty wonky. If you want anything other than straight leg jeans, you have to get them at LB, Catherine's only has the straight legs, while LB has straight, boot-cut, and flares. I look better in flares, I think because they balance out my hips (not to mention that I was a teen-ager when bell-bottoms were popular and I loved them). And Catherine's also has a RightFit black dress pant, which I may look into, just to see if they are long enough (online, they say the inseam is 30", and I need a 32", but I'll have to try them on and see).

  4. I don't like the "Right" Fits at all. The rise is too high, they're far too long - especially for a supposed "petite" length - and they stretch way too much. The pair I got that were comfortable in the dressing room were literally falling off me after one wearing.

    I think it was a huge mistake for them to discontinue the Venezia line so quickly. I had no time to stock up.

  5. bacon's mom - the rise seems to be ok for me, and I usually end up with my slacks' waistband hitting me at my bra band, at least in front (I must have more ass than belly). And the RightFits have a Venezia tag on them, along with the other tags, so did Venezia discontinue their regular sizing in favor of the RightFit? I'm wondering if their sizing is deliberately off, so that you have to go into the store to try them on to get the right size, and might make some other purchases on impulse? Cynical, me? No

  6. New Balance are my cheap shoes. Try finding a 9AAAA with a AAAAAA heel at Payless. It took me 2 120 mile trips (one way) to buy 2 pairs of shoes. After I tried on everything they had even close, they had to order some more for me to try on. The guy waiting on me actually called his mom to come look at my feet because they change sizes when I put on shoes. She wanted me to put on sandals that I wasn't interested in so she could see them do it. The New Balance fit the best because the back comes up high enough to hold them on my feet. You never see the AAAAAA heel in anything but dress shoes of the type I wouldn't wear with a gun to my head. No way I want all 200 lbs supported on my toes with two or three inch heels. My Munro's lower back need two of those glue in patches each to hold them on my heel. It was actually easier for me to find shoes before low carb. I could get by with a AAA if I took the laces out of the slot on the tongue.
    I know of a lady larger than you that couldn't find shoes to fit because of needing much wider ones. She was in pain walking without enough support until someone gave her the idea to try men's shoes. I say whatever works.

    I don't like long sleeves, either. I keep getting them wet when I have to wash my hands or some dishes. Usually, when I shop for clothes anywhere, I'll try on 3 or 4 things and get disgusted and leave. The other day there was a close out sale at the small, local discount store. I went and tried on almost everything that came in a plus size, some in 2 or three different sizes. No one was watching the dressing rooms so I could take in a dozen things at once and get it over with faster. I ended up with 2 pairs of pants and 3 tops for about $85. I get disgusted and leave because it's a pita to get dressed and undressed a bunch of times just to try on a couple of things each time.
    I don't know of a LB or a Catherine's in this area. There used to be a LB 45 miles away a long time ago but I hardly ever found anything there that I could wear.

  7. New Balance is a good brand. I've been happy with all the New Balance shoes I've had. The pair I had when I was working retail while pregnant was comfy all day. I sold athletic shoes, and a lot of customers came in looking for New Balance because their doctors had recommended the brand because they are a quality product and the insoles can be removed easily to allow the use of custom inserts.

  8. DH likes his New Balance shoes, but we did have to get inserts for the heels (he had a heel spur years ago and that heel still gives him problems now and again).


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