Sunday, December 30, 2007

Resolution rebellion continued

I haven't made New Year's resolutions in probably 25 years, and this year isn't much different. I have things I want to do, and things I want to accomplish, but I am not resolving to do them. I found out a long time ago that any time I resolve to do something, life has a way of throwing all kinds of roadblocks or detours at me. So, while I want to get back into doing my counted cross stitch (I love making Christmas tree ornaments), and I want to make a soft-sculpture mermaid doll, I will work on those things when and if I have the time and inclination. I also want to get back into sewing, I have some ideas for tunic and tee shirt tops I want to make. But again, it will be if and when I have the time (I also have to be in the mood to sew, because if I'm not, I get frustrated and nothing turns out like I want).
I'm also going to keep on my journey to self-acceptance and HAES. I don't know if I consider that a resolution, I think it's more that I'm feeling better about myself than I have in a long time, and I want that feeling to continue. Is it a resolution to want to continue doing something you've been doing for a while, no matter how short that while has been? I don't think so.........
So how do you feel about New Year's resolutions?


  1. Counted cross stitch! I love CCS. Have you seen some of the offerings at Subversive Cross Stitch? I made a good friend the "Go fuck yourself" sampler for his birthday a couple of years ago. Good times. I love to do Christmas ornaments, too, because they are so fast and easy. Quite a sense of accomplishment.

    - Ottermatic

  2. "So how do you feel about New Year's resolutions?"

    I tend to think resolutions are silly. I don't recall ever making them.

    I am dreading going to work today because I know there will be senseless talk about this being the last day they can eat bla bla bla diet bla bla new year.

    I hear you on the sewing. I too need to start sewing again. I was having problems with my eyes and just couldn't see to sew so I stopped. I think I might be able to get back into it now. I have some worn out shirts I want to "pick apart" to use for patterns.

  3. Mariellen,

    I haven't thought of any resolutions as of yet, other than to get a full time job. Which is a big one!! I want to be more honest with myself and get into some sort of shape, I've been huffing and puffing a bit lately. So I guess I do!!! Happy New Year, my friend!!!


  4. I'm generally not someone who makes NYE resolutions. I never quite got the whole "celebrating new years eve" thing, to be honest.

  5. OTM - I'm gonna have to check that out, I like the subversive stuff a lot, and I know others who like it too. I have a whole bookshelf upstairs that is full of counted cross stitch magazines and books, not to mention a notebook full of designs I created myself. I prefer the quick projects, but I've done a few that have taken weeks to finish and had 30 or 40 different shades of floss in them (I like a challenge sometimes).

    cynth - I have 3 or 4 shirts I've taken apart to use for patterns. That works pretty good, and it's a lot easier to make alterations if I need to.

    michelle - happy new year to you too, and good luck with your job search. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you :)

    lindsay - I don't usually celebrate it either, I'm either too busy on the computer or watching a movie and forget to mark the time when the year changes (I don't drink so I'm not interested in being out with all the drinkers and risking life and limb when they think it's ok to drink and drive).

  6. I love New Year's Eve and making resolutions. There's something wonderful to me about looking back at the old year to put it into perspective whilst looking foward to the new one in anticipation of better things. Yesterday, my husband and I sat down first thing in the morning and looked back at the effect 2007 had on our marriage and the two of us as individuals. Then we whiteboarded a few things we'd like to see happen in the New Year. We find if we don't plan new experiences, we end up doing the same things over and over out of inertia and laziness. But, when we make the effort to try new things together it adds so much to our lives, individually and collectively. So, New Year's is just another excuse to have a marital check-up, I guess, but I like doing it!


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