Thursday, November 29, 2007

gmail added group chat

Now this is pretty cool, I think. Gmail has added group chat to its line-up (I love my gmail account). I'm thinking that if any of us in the phat-o-sphere would like to get together and chat, this might be the way to go (if you need an invite to gmail, I have quite a few I can send out, ummm, like 50 invites I haven't used). This would allow for chatting without having to download anything, and all chatters would be in one window (like on mIRC, I used to chat there a LOT).
Anyway, this is not something I think we have to do, but if anyone is interested..............


  1. Good luck with that. I tried to get chat stuff going before, and it never seemed to work.

    I hang out on gtalk a fair bit, so i'd be down for giving it a whirl. My username's lkcarruth if you wanna say hi or what not.

  2. Hey - I'm up for some chatting. I love reading everyone's blogs, but I bet actually talking to people would be great too. I don't have a gmail account though. :(

  3. maiden convex - you don't have to have an invitation from a gmail account holder anymore to get a gmail account. If you do a search on gmail, it should take you to their home page and you can sign up there for one. I'm vesta44 on gmail as well yahoo, but I quit leaving my yahoo chat open because men keep messaging me and wanting to cyber, even though my profile says I'm married and not interested. And yahoo messenger doesn't let you have more than 1 person in a chat window, while gmail's chat will let you have as many people as you want in the chat, all you have to is have their gmail contact info and you can invite whoever you want to chat with.


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