Friday, November 30, 2007

Exercise, obese kids, and insulin resistance/body size

Ok, this is a good article, as far as it goes. I would like to know exactly what kind of structured exercise they used for these kids, did the kids enjoy it, and is it something that could be used in schools for physical education classes? After all, school would be the safest place for kids to be able to get exercise, particularly kids who have a lower socioeconomic level. If this is something that kids would enjoy doing, and would be willing to keep on doing, it might be a worthwhile effort to make it available to all children, no matter what their size or economic status.
The conclusion of the study, that insulin resistance improved and cardiorespiratory fitness improved even though the kids didn't lose any weight, is something that should be shouted from the rooftops, IMHO.
I don't think this will stop all the healthnannies from saying "portion control, low-fat, no sugar, and exercise, exercise, exercise" for kids (or anyone else) will make you thin or keep you thin, but it is a start, to at least say improvement can be made without weight loss.


  1. I hope more people start getting the message. Hearing so much about children being deprived and dieted makes me so sad.

    And hi :)

  2. Hi :) and yeah, it makes me sad, and mad. I was lucky that my son was always thin or average, so I never had to worry about him getting teased for that (and let me tell you, that kid could I hope that eventually people will figure it out, that dieting isn't going to solve anything for anyone, kids or adults.


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