Sunday, November 18, 2007

Conclusion to "The Lie" series

All I can do is agree with Kat, she is right on about so much. I've been following her series, and crying every time I see another installment. Crying for all the girls/women who have bought the lies and lost their lives before they had a chance to realize that they had beauty all along, that they were worthwhile human beings who didn't need to change anything.
To quote her:
Sadly, I believe the anorexia pushers will continue to do almost anything to perpetuate this myth of perfect beauty. Why? Because if our girls ever find out just how stunningly perfectly beautiful a simple smile, a passionate interest, a sense of humor, kindness, intelligence, enthusiasm, joy, laughter and confidence makes her, regardless of her size & facial features, the anorexia pushers will go broke!

Exactly!!!! There is just too much money to be made by making women unhappy with the way they look. It doesn't matter how thin/beautiful/rich/famous/whatever a woman is, she will always be told there is something else that needs to be fixed, there is always some little flaw that is keeping her from being perfect. By focusing on those supposed imperfections, women are kept from reaching their full potential in whatever endeavor they attempt.

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