Thursday, April 24, 2008

Yankees go healthy in clubhouse

So it has come to this in New York: You can't get a Baby Ruth in the clubhouse that was home to Babe Ruth. New York Yankees Manager Joe Girardi has banned candy and ice cream in an effort to create a more healthy diet.

This is just too funny. No more candy bars or ice cream for the baseball players in their clubhouse. And it's not just the home team, it's the visitors too that will be doing without. They get to munch on nuts, dried fruit, and granola.
Yeah, nothing like dried fruit and a handful of nuts when you need some extra energy going into that seventh inning stretch.
Yankees players, meanwhile, were seen smuggling banned items (candy bars, not steroids) into the clubhouse. It all leads to one important question: If the Yankees announce the hiring of Craig, will it be Roger or Jenny?

Heaven forbid they hire Jenny Craig to help their players have a healthy diet....roflol. If they do that, it won't matter how much money they spend on fantastic players, those poor players won't have the energy to lose a game, let alone win one after dining on the fabulous cardboard cuisine of Jenny Craig.


  1. Joe Girardi is such a tool. I would have expected no less from him. But that's how it goes in baseball. You lose a lot of games, they randomly take privileges away from you until you start winning again.

    The idea, though, that multimillionaire ballplayers with guaranteed contracts won't manage to get their mitts on whatever it is they want to eat, however, is laughable. Girardi thinks he's still managing the Florida Marlins, where most of the players were making the minimum salary (or less) and feared for their jobs.

  2. I have to wonder if they're also banning smokeless tobacco.

  3. Just started reading your blog-This is hilarious!

    ps nice use of asshat


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