Friday, April 25, 2008

Friday lolcat fluff

humorous pictures
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Our cats would turn their noses up at this, even as a


  1. My cat says: I can haz ten of these?

  2. My cat says: 100 calorie paks are for hoomans. Please to be giving me your ice cream.


    So KEWT!


    That is all.

  4. Actually, vesta, we have a cat (the one who was skinny for the first two years and then fat, and only now thinning at 16 1/2) who just wasn't a hunter - she was way too young when we found her, a stray, and never got to learn hunting. But one day she finally decided to take after her big partner, who was a ruthless hunter, and catch something. She came back with the tiniest little mousie you ever saw - just a baby. Every so often over the years she would find one of those and catch the poor little thing - they were always so damn cute, too. It was actually very sad. But...we're going to have such a laugh over that lolcat picture remembering that. Thanks :)

  5. Aw... look at the expression on its little face! It's saying, "I know I'm only 100 calories, but your cat wouldn't like me, honest!"


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