Wednesday, April 9, 2008

New plus-size catalog (to me, anyway)

WillowRidgeCatalog arrived in my mailbox today with the latest LB catalog. Now, there isn't anything in there that will fit me since sizes end at 28W or 3X (well, knit pants in 28 will fit me, if they're talls), but the prices seem to be pretty good, comparable to LB and Woman Within. The styles also seem to be fairly cute, depending on your taste and age. I don't have a clue about the quality of their clothing, never having ordered from them (hell, until I got the catalog today, I hadn't even heard of them).
This dress is really cute, goes to a 3X and is $60. If I was into dresses, I might actually consider this one (if it came in my size). This dress is also cute, and comes in 3 different prints. It also goes up to a 3X and is $60. Not bad for a dress, I suppose (what do I know, I don't wear dresses, ever).
So, for those of you looking for another place for cute clothes, if you haven't already found this place, it might be worth checking out (personally, I like quite a few of the tops they have, but none of them come in my size, so I'm SOL).
The only gripe I have is that they use thin models, but since their sizing starts at a 4 (6 on some items), I can sorta kinda maybe see their point (doesn't mean I have to like it, though).


  1. "The only gripe I have is that they use thin models" One of my friend at a bbw hot chat room encountered this. Not sure why the retailer have plus size clothes on thin models.

  2. I was thinking this too, it's so wrong.

  3. I like dress #1 but not so much on dress #2 - #2 seems a bit dated for my tastes, and while it might be comfortable, it doesn't play up the best of plus features that well.

    They do fall into the trap of "slim models." And some of the clothing isn't as fashion forward as I like, but it's a little bit nicer than what you'd find at Lane Bryant Catalog.

  4. Hi i love that you are all about accepting yourself the way you are and being happy with it. Luckily for all of us not all models are stick insect thin, there is an increasing appreciation for fuller figured women and plus size models are a growing number!

  5. carries plus size womens underwear at lower-than-you-think prices.


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