Monday, April 7, 2008

Annie's Mailbox used my letter!!!!

Maybelline is me. I wrote to reply to a letter from a man who was complaining about women not being honest about their weight in personal ads. I really didn't think my letter would get published, but it did. And their comment after my letter is pretty damned good too:
Dear Maybelline: We hear you. And anyone who posts cruel comments about an online photo has the personality of a snake and isn't worth the time they take to read.

I must admit, they cleaned up my language a bit (took out 'ass' and used 'behind' and 'rear end' instead).
Hooray for Annie's Mailbox!


  1. VERY cool! I told off some guy today who said he would be grossed out if Victoria's Secret sold merchandise to "Lane Bryant" women. He mentioned this after writing a post about how men need to stop judging women based on their looks!

  2. sarah - maybe he thinks what he wrote applies only to other men, not himself? But good for you, telling him off, he needed to hear that he was being a hypocrite.

  3. LOL! I love it! Though I feel bad the poor innocent snakes have been maligned like that ;-)

  4. Go Vesta/Maybelline! And nice response from them, too. (Yeah, it would be FABULOUS if everyone would get over their compulsive urge to add "but it's unhealtheeeee" to every similar comment.)

    Yeah, Shannon, cockroaches would have been a better analogy than snakes, I agree.

  5. I don't even know you and hell, I already like you...
    blowing kisses


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