Monday, January 10, 2011

Lynn Stainless Steel Cookware has AWESOME customer service

This is just so awesome, I had to blog about it. DH has a set of Lynn Stainless Steel cookware (pots & pans) that he had when we got married (the Saturn series 300F, to be specific). I don't know how long he's had them, but they're really nice pans, easy to clean, and they cook foods well.
The reason I'm writing about them is because the handle on the lid to our 5 quart dutch oven broke one day when I was draining pasta and the lid fell off into the sink. I super-glued it back together, and that lasted for about a month. Last night, it came apart.
Today, I called the company to see if I could get a replacement knob or lid, or did I need to purchase a whole new dutch oven. The awesome part? I can get just the knob I need for the lid and they'll send it to me for FREE!!! Now that is customer service, something I thought had gone the way of the dinosaurs.


  1. I love hearing stories like this! Thank you for sharing it.

  2. I agree! Great service. The same thing happened to us with a Betty Crocker set we bought. The lid broke off and it was absolutely no hassle for them to send us a new piece. I thought we'd have to buy a lid at least but they sent a new knob which turns out to be better than the old ones. LOL


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