Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Just My Size - Less than satisfactory ordering experience

Ok, I realize that Just My Size doesn't have much choice over whether stores decide to carry their merchandise or not. Wal-Mart used to carry the JMS high-cut, spandex/satin panties, which I loved and bought the hell out of. They carried them in a myriad of colors and prints and I owned a wide variety of them. Well, Wal-Mart, in their infinite wisdom, no longer carries those panties, and neither does any other store. The only place I can find them is online. Not a problem, I thought, I do a lot of online shopping. I figured if I ordered more than one package of two pairs, I would get a variety of colors.
WRONG!!! First of all, I ordered 3 packages - that's 6 pairs of panties. Did they ship them in one parcel? Nope. I get the first package, it's one package, of 2 pair, one black, one beige. Two days later, I get the second shipment, it's 2 packages - 2 pair each, each package consisting of one black, one beige. I ordered 6 pair, hoping I'd at least get a variety of colors - I'm sorry, but black and beige is not a variety. WTF is up with that, JMS? Is that all you're making now in the spandex/satin high-cut panties? Black and beige? What happened to the red, brown, blue, pink, leopard print, pink/blue geometric print, white on white pattern, black on black pattern, brown geometric print? What happened to the diversity of colors you used to have? Did you decide that fat women over a certain size are no longer entitled to a variety of colors/prints/patterns in their panties? Am I going to have to make my own panties now, in order to get what I want, in the colors I want, like I have to make my own bras in order to get one that fits and is in the colors/fabric/style I want? Can you really afford to offend customers this way? Because let me tell you, you've offended the hell out of me, pissed me off, and lost a customer.
I'll be taking one of my old pair of JMS panties apart and using it for a pattern and making my own panties from now on and you can kiss my fat ass's business good-bye.
ETA: This is what I wrote to JMS on their Contact Us form:
I ordered 6 pair of the JMS satin stretch hi-cut panties, hoping I would get assorted colors, as advertised on your website. I was very disappointed when my order arrived to find that I got 3 pkgs containing 1 pr black/1 pr beige panties each. Is this something which is going to happen every time I order panties from you? If it is, I'll not order any more panties from you, I'll take an old pair of my JMS stretch satin hi-cut panties apart and use them for a pattern and make my own from now on. I used to be able to buy these panties in red, pink, brown, blue, black on black pattern, white on white pattern, brown leopard print, brown geometric print, blue/pink geometric print, black, white, and beige. I also used to be able to find them in stores, now the only place I can find them is online at your website, and you don't give me an option to pick the colors I want. I love the way these panties fit, they're the only ones I'll wear, and I would love to have a wider selection of colors.

ETA: This is the response I got from JMS Customer Service -
Dear Customer,
Thank you for inquiring about our assorted colors in packaging. We are
unable to list the colors of this item because these may vary depending
on how the manufacturer randomly packages these.
Please let us know if we can assist you further.

A totally inadequate response, if you ask me. So yeah, I won't be ordering from them again. I'll be taking an old pair of my stretch satin panties apart and using them as a pattern and making my own panties from now on (I figure the lycra spandex swimsuit fabric will work just as well if I can't find stretch satin fabric).
They don't care to address my concerns, I don't care to give them any more of my money, for anything.
I just contacted JMS Customer Service again, for all the good it will do.
I told them that their response was less than satisfactory and
In other words, you have no intentions of trying to remedy this situation at all. Your customers are stuck with whatever you decide to send out because you won't contact your manufacturer to ask them to supply more colors/prints/patterns. Thank you for letting me know how much my business matters to you - not much at all, apparently. Since you aren't willing to do anything to remedy this situation, you obviously don't need my business.

This is especially upsetting with all the brouhaha they've had in the news with how they're updating their image, going with better colors/prints/fabrics/etc for their clothing line. I guess that only matters if it's clothing that whole world can see. If the whole world doesn't see your panties, it doesn't matter that they're boring and blah, you don't need to have colors/prints/patterns that you like, you can put up with black/beige/white and be damned glad that they even deign to carry them in sizes to fit your fat ass. Well fuck that shit. If you aren't going to give me the panties I want (in the colors/prints/patterns that I want), that you used to carry, then I'll be damned if I'm going to spend my money on any of your clothing line, I don't give a fucking rat's ass how goddamned cute/fashionable/affordable it is. Fuck me over in one area, and you've lost me as a customer in every area - I'm a curmudgeonly bitch like that.


  1. One thing I've noticed is its getting harder to get a hold of certain items for large and bigger people. I spent two months trying to find size 13 shoes [I wanted clogs and slippers], Target in some odd lack of wisdom decided not even to stock slippers or ANY shoes here over size 10. I hate Walmart but held my nose and got acouple pairs of clogs there and bought some slippers on ebay. With underwear, if Catherines stops manufacturing a certain size I do not know what I will do. I think in a Depression economy getting a hold of certain items will be harder. Clothes and fashion are deteriorating, I wrote about that on my blog. Everything is boring and ugly now. I buy all my clothes special order sewn to order from Sanctuarie. I always felt insulted by the construction worker clothes they wanted to me to add. I added your blog link to my list of blogs, hope you do not mind.

  2. It is getting harder and harder to find things. I know I get so tired of the search for things I like/need. Undies I'm good on because I like plain white, but clothing is a different story. I went looking for some tops one day and I was willing to really spend some bucks. Ended up going to every major department store, Cato's, Fashion Bug, and Catherine's and couldn't find anything I liked. It was exhausting. Yeah, it was right after Christmas and things were a bit picked over, but it doesn't seem to matter when I go, I can't find things I like. Things are too plain or too flashy or made for younger people. I get SO frustrated!

    I have ordered online, but usually end up sending things back due to fit. The only thing I order online is pants from LL Bean. They cost an arm and a leg but are fabulous and hold up very well. No little balls form on them over time and only a tiny bit of shrinkage. I wash and dry them often and they last forever. And I get free shipping when I use my LL Bean card. Ends up an ok deal for me. They only come in black and blue though. But that works for me cause I only wear black pants. Black is just easy.

    Another problem I have is that I'm a 1x on the bottom and almost out of a 3x on top. Carry all my weight in my upper body(boobs, back, and arms). I'll soon be out of every brick and mortar but Catherine's and Fashion Bug and will HAVE to order online. With half the population being "overweight" you'd think it would be EASY to find things! Sigh.

    It's so great that you can sew. I can sew a little, but until my DD is grown and out of the house, I don't think I'll have time or the concentration to try my hand at it again.

    Very disappointing about JMS. I wear their bras and sometimes like the tops they have at Walmart. Your comments to them were great. Maybe they'll get the point. But for some reason, I doubt they will.

  3. Yeah, Kat, and the other thing I've noticed about tops especially, is that the larger they are, the wider the shoulders are. My shoulders on my tops need to be 5 1/2" from my neck to the edge of my shoulder (where the sleeve seam is) - on a 5X that width can be anywhere from 6" (which I can live with) to 12", which is outrageously ridiculous and can't be altered (I've tried, ruined a t-shirt trying to make the shoulders narrower). And it's not just women who have that problem, my husband's tee shirts are the same way - the shoulders are anywhere from 1 to 3 inches too wide for him and short sleeves always hit below his elbow. Why do they think that fat people have shoulders like linebackers and arms as long as gorillas' arms? Manufacturers/pattern makers need to get a clue when it comes to sizing.

  4. I can't stand the sizing of most large tops. If something fits across the shoulders and bust, it's invariably too tight across my middle. If I manage to find something that fits decently there, then it usually comes down to my knees. Grrr!

    I agree that it's becoming more and more difficult to find clothing that fits properly, and it's not because my shape is different now than it was years ago. Lane Bryant, for example, changed the fit of their Right Fit line of pants and jeans and now their fit is just awful and uncomfortable--not to mention that the jeans are made of cheap fabric now and not real denim.

    Sometimes I feel like the clothing industry is trying to punish us by only making ugly, uncomfortable, cheap clothing that they sell to us for a small fortune. And yes, I'm a little bitter about it ;)

  5. I don't get it either why do they think everyone is huge on top and small on bottom, it is the opposite for me.

    Consider giving up the mainstreams, buy clothes on ebay and with the alternatives. Here is sanctuarie's website.

    If you have some money Peggy Lutz is pretty good too.

    I had to say goodbye to the mainstream ones..

    When I did so, I said goodbye to ugly clothes. I loathe Lane Bryant, I'm too fat to wear their stuff now but was tortured by years of ugly masculine looking outfits that were badly cut.

    I think fashion as a whole is failing. I dont know why...but there is no style, its all conformist and I do not like even what they consider "fashionable" among the thin anymore.

  6. If they can't list the colors they shouldn't list the product. That's ridiculous.

  7. Regarding your packaged panty problem I hear ya, sister! You might enjoy my rant about "Un-palettable" panties at


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