Saturday, December 11, 2010

Need help for lady opening affordable Women's Plus Clothing/Lingerie store

Okay ladies, we need some help here. Anita needs ideas for clothing for her store - colors, prints, styles, sizes, measurements, what you would like to see in a store when you go shopping for every-day clothing, lingerie, and evening wear.
I listed my likes/needs and I'm opening up the comments for you to list yours. Have fun and let Anita know what you want.............

Anita said...

I am opening an affordable Woman’s Plus Size Clothing and Lingerie store
I would like to find out more about the products in Plus Sizes XL to 6X or higher? The plus size clothing in my city only goes as high as 6X for some items but not all and the bras are not wide enough in the band width...
and nothing sexy for the evenings... ;)
I know this might sound strange but can take full measurements so I can know what sizes I should order... especially the for the bras and panties pants and sexy night wear ;)
I really need to know sizes, it's very important... Because I want us ladies to have the perfect fit for once in our clothes and feel good about how we look too... please this would really help me. I will keep an eye on this page for a few days. Just so you know I am serious about my store. Here is my info I know right now... I am 260LBs I kinda fit in 3X-4X jeans 46 - 48. I have a very hard time finding clothes that fit so I really want to do this right... I need actual measurements, so I get clothes custom made... And if you have any suggestions on what you would like to see in styles and colors that would really help me out too...

Thank you so very much for reading my post, I look forward to reading yours too.

Anita - Sorry I haven't gotten back to you sooner. I had to go out of town on Friday and just got home.

Sizing is difficult, since even 2 women who are the same height and weight will wear different sizes. I'm 5' 7" (I've shrunk again) and 376 lbs - I wear a 26/28/30 in pants, depending on who made them and I need a 32" inseam with a 12" rise, panties I wear a size 13 in the Just My Size high cut stretch satin (the only ones I like), bras I wear a 52H (if I can find one in that size that has support). As far as tops go, I can't wear any blouses that are made out of woven fabric and are button-front, the arms are always too tight and the shoulders are too wide, the armholes are weird too. So I usually buy stretchy cotton or polyester knit tops, with scoop necks, v-necks, sweetheart necklines, or round necks and short sleeves (I don't care much for 3/4 sleeves, and long sleeves get in my way). I like my tops longer, so on me, that's a back length of about 32", then they hit at mid-hip.

As for colors - that's also very individual and personal. I happen to like jewel tones - turquoise, purple, burgundy, jade, teal, royal blue, and then black, charcoal grey, olive green, and all the shades of denim blue for pants/slacks (the pants I wear are Roaman's bootcut leggings, the ones with pockets, gotta have pockets in my pants).

I like small floral prints, geometric prints, abstract prints, paisley prints in all of the colors mentioned for tops.

I don't do dresses or skirts, so I can't help you there.

Sleepwear is another story. I'm also not into the sexy stuff. I like the t-shirt knit nightgowns in waltz length, short sleeves or sleeveless (all year 'round), and the nylon gowns made the same way are also nice. Same colors/prints as for the tops are good, I'm not picky about my jammies.

Chenille, terry cloth, or velour robes are nice, and the length can be knee or longer, depending on time of year and weight of fabric. I like solid colors for the robes, again in the jewel tones (turquoise, teal, purple, royal blue, burgundy, red, jade).

My measurements are: bust - 62"
waist - 58"
hips - 62"
inseam - 32"
bra - 52H

Hope this is helpful to you, and if you keep checking back for the next couple of days or so, I'm sure some of my readers will have more ideas for you.


  1. Hello Anita! I am a 5'1 female, about 200lbs, and I would LOVE clothes that fit me properly finally. I like gem tones like ruby and garnet red, emerald and deep blues, as well as black items like dresses and skirts that I can wear with colorful accents. I would want skirts that don't go down to mid-calf when they're supposed to be knee-length, and capris that are really capris, not full pants. I currently wear a size 18/20/22, depending on the fit and shrink factor. My measurements are 48 bust, 45 waist, 50 hips, 44DD bra size and 30 inch inseam.


  2. Anita, is your store only going to be brick and mortar or are you going to have a website as well?

    I'd like to see more 3/4 sleeve shirts, that's my number one complaint with shirts. 3/4 sleeves can accommodate long arms as well as short ones.

  3. I'm 5'7", 205 lbs., I also wear knits because woven tops don't fit me properly--too tight across the back and upper arms. However, t-shirts don't fit me that well, either. I don't like men's t-shirts because the neck is too high and they're too long, but women's t-shirts are too big across the shoulders if they fit across the bust. I like a pretty low neckline, v-necks and scoops are good, even princess and square for variety. I like bright clear colors, just plain, no funky prints. I like tank tops and wear them a lot, but the armholes are too big on most of them and my bra hangs out. Speaking of bras, I love colors and prints and matching string bikini panties, which rarely come in my size (42DDD and 22-24). I'm not a big fan of underwires but will tolerate them for great colors.

    I really need to find khaki pants and shorts for work, I prefer a cotton/spandex blend of about 98%/2%. I am a size 20-22 and good pockets are an absolute requirement--decent size pockets front and back (I like the 5-pocket jeans but have to have khaki). I also need belt loops.

    Fabrics are very important to me, I cannot deal with polyester at all, in fact, I can only stand to wear natural fabrics with the exception of a tiny bit of spandex in my pants so I can move easily. Cotton, silk, and some rayons are my preferred fabrics.

    Will you be carrying shoes as well? I have a terrible time finding shoes as my feet are extra wide and size 11.


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