Saturday, March 28, 2009

Wal-Mart has my slacks

Aren't I just the Little Miss Postypants today. I went to WallyWorld to do some grocery shopping and while I was there, I checked out the clearance racks in the Women's clothing section. I found a cute top for $3 (gotta love it), it's a red/black/cream swirly print on dark pink with a square neck and smocking in the front, and has raglan sleeves (no shoulder seams, YAY!!). They have some polyester/rayon/spandex slacks for $13 (regular price, not clearance) that actually have the same kind of front pockets as blue jeans, not those nasty side-seam-that-you-can't-put-anything-in-because-it-falls-out-when-you-sit-down-pockets (and they're a medium-weight fabric, with a silky smooth feel to them). They're made by White Stag, and so far, WallyWorld has them in khaki, brown, black, gray, navy blue, pinstripe black, and pinstripe charcoal. I like all of those except the khaki (it's too light in color and shows the dirt too easily for me), but I wish they also had them in royal blue, purple, burgundy, and hunter green (I have tops that would go with all of those colors that they don't have). They have some other cute tops there by White Stag, but the cut of them isn't something that would fit me in the sizes they carry (up to a 4X, which is a 26/28), those tops are all between $12 and $14. They also had some Faded Glory tops (tee-shirt type) that go up to a 5X (30/32), but I don't buy them because they hit right at the top of my hips, and I prefer them a bit longer (mid-hip or longer). Those were between $9 and $12, IIRC, and they had some pretty cute graphics on them.
Most of the other tops that were on the clearance racks had the empire waist styling, and those just aren't made to fit me (if your boobs are a D cup or smaller, they might fit). I don't think I would have bought any of them even they would have fit, since most of them had that damned puffy sleeve with the elastic (or a narrow sewn band) at the bottom of the short sleeve. I prefer my sleeves less constricting, thank you very much :)
So if you're looking for the kind of pants that I like (and they come in sizes from 16 to 30/32) at a good price, you now know where to find them. And check out the clearance racks, tops for $3 to $7, well, that's just too good a deal to pass up if you can find something you like. Oh yeah, they had some Just My Size tops on clearance too (most of them are too short for my taste, but they might please some of you).

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