Saturday, March 28, 2009

Swimsuit idea for the rack o'doom

I think I may have just come up with an idea to make a swimsuit that will actually fit my rack of doom and give it the support it needs. Y'all know I bought that Making Beautiful Bras book. It hit me after I took apart one of my really old bras that I could remake that out of swimsuit lycra/spandex, line the cups so they don't stretch, extend the back so I don't have to put the hook/eye closure there, make the bra straps out of the lycra/spandex, and attach a skirt of lycra/spandex where the bra band would be, and voila - a swimsuit that fits my bust and supports it. Not only that, with the multitudinous choice of colors/prints, I can actually have the suit I want in the color/print I want (not to mention that no one will have a suit exactly like it).
Now I'm wondering, if it works for the swimsuit, and gives me the support and comfort I want, can I make bras that way? I'd have to add the hook/eye closure, and wide elastic around the bottom of the band, but the added options that would give me for colors is mind-boggling. I may just have to invest in the fabric and some really good thread and try this one out, since I'm having a difficult time finding bra fabric in the real world and I don't much like shopping for fabric online (I can't see it, feel it, and the colors aren't true to life when viewed on my monitor). The elastic can be bought online, no one is going to see it (it gets sewn on, turned to the wrong side and stitched down).
Don't get me wrong, I like the swimsuit I bought, but there isn't a swimsuit out there made to support a cup over a DD (at least, not that I've been able to find), and I've been wearing bras for so long that I'm uncomfortable without that support (not to mention, the older I get, the saggier/baggier the boobs get, and I just don't like them bouncing around when I walk....). So I'm going to try this and see how it works. I'm going shopping on Monday for fabric (DH will want to go along and give his input on he doesn't have to work Monday or Tuesday).


  1. yay, makin' swimsuits!

    I broke down and made my own a couple years ago. before that i had a cheap tankini i had sewn a cheap sports bra into, and i liked the effect (and worn with long board-shorts, very common combo around the lakes where i live and swim). i ended up making a shorts/supportive shirt combo, that ended up looking very edwardian (not a bad thing, just amusing as i didn't have a specific look in mind)... and i started off with a shirt pattern that had really wide straps and a bias-hung empire line (i normally don't go for empire waists, but when the line is completely under the bust and the skirt is ungathered bias, it doesn't give that 'preggo' effect).
    i have plans for more, and a bikini top off the same pattern (without the skirt, basically), once the 100 other sewing projects are done.

  2. This is a really great idea! If you wanted to have a back closure, you could also build one in as with these camis. I can't find a great picture of the inside of one, but I own a couple and they basically have an underwire bra inside that is partially tacked down with a hooked closure inside the back.

    I also think swimsuit material would make great bras. One of my most comfortable Playtex bras is made of something that feels very much like swimsuit fabric, now that I think about it.


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