Sunday, August 3, 2008

Sunday Political Fluff

more cat

I can haz write-in vote for dis lolzcat?


  1. Hehe - #2 on this one KILLED me. It's kind of funny this new demand for "experience" - in days of old the idea of being a career politician was (rightfully) a death sentence for being elected. Um, we don't WANT politicians for president. We want people who have succeeded in real ventures? Gah. Now there's some thing about experience, when the only experience could be serving for a term, and then being reelected. In which case Hillary has the only "experience" being president. Not that I discount military experience.

    But hey, LOLCAT! :)

  2. The thing is, even "experience", which Shrubby supposedly had, doesn't mean whoever is elected is going to do a good job. Look at all the politicians in office now, how much frakking good are they doing? Not a lot, as far as I can see. Personally, I think the whole lot of them ought to be thrown out of office and put in some people who actually give a fuck about the Constitution and the United States instead of the ones who care only about the almighty dollar (their GOD of choice, from what I've seen).
    I like that lolcat too, but our cats would be saying "sorry we pukeded on da carpet" since they do that a lot.

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  4. How come you are not posting more often? I miss reading something new from you.

  5. Anonymous - I haven't been posting much because I'm taking a break from being pissed about everything I read in the news about the so-called "obesity epidemic". I can only handle a certain amount of anger before it makes me ill. And everything I have read lately has been covered very well by other bloggers, so I haven't had much to add to what has already been said. And I'm done blogging about family, there's nothing new on that front, and nothing is ever going to change, so to hell with blogging about that. I'll be back, probably in a week or so. I have a couple of things I'm thinking about, just need to get my thoughts in order before I go shooting off my mouth.

  6. Hope everything straightens out for you. I know what you mean about getting things together!!!

  7. HA! What did we ever do before LOL cats? I wouldn't get through my week if it weren't for them!


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