Friday, August 1, 2008

Google is seriously starting to SUCK!

Google has totally effed up my Reader and most of the blogs to which I subscribe. Yesterday, when I went to Reader, more than half of my blogs were in a folder that I didn't create, named "blogs I'm following" and they all had the blogspot symbol in front of them (and a lot of them weren't blogspot blogs). Today, that folder (and the blogs Google put in it) are gone. I can't get to the "manage subscriptions" page to see if I can change it there, either. And believe me, I've tried. I gave up after 3 hours of the damned page saying "Loading" at the top and nothing happening. I even went to the Help page and the contact us (fucking useless, all that is is a forum where you can post problems/comments/WTFE and no one gets back to you with a solution).
Now, the main reason I used Google's Reader was that it was so easy to set up and use, I had all the blogs I follow in one place, and it was easy to see who had a new post. I used to have 4 folders with all those blogs in them, and had to check every blog every day to see if there were new posts. Reader simplified that for me, and when you follow 120 blogs, checking each and every one of them every day for new posts can take the whole damned day. When I moved all the blogs to Reader, I cleaned out the folders, so I no longer have links to all those blogs (and not all of them are on my blogroll here, I had added quite a few and hadn't gotten around to updating the roll here). WTF is up with these online services, that they think it's helpful to the users of those services for them to go in and arbitrarily make changes to our accounts with no fucking notification at all, and totally screw things up? I know change is good, and updates happen, but dammit, give me some fucking notice that you're going to do this shit, and let me decide if I want to use that update. Give me a way to opt out of it if it's something I don't think is going to be useful to me. And believe me, if I wanted my blogs in folders, there's already an option there to do that, and since I wasn't using it, I obviously didn't want them in folders. So, Google, here's a big FUCK YOU for screwing up my Reader and totally fucking up my bloglist.

ETA: Well, I don't know what happened or why it happened, but Google has seemingly fixed their fuck-up. I now have all my subscribed blogs back where they belong. Of course, there's no explanation for why/how they fucked up, and no notification that it's now fixed. I found out when I went to check a couple of new posts. However, I'm not retracting my "Fuck You" because all of this mess was totally unnecessary and still deserves to be called out.


  1. Starting to?
    Monopolies are scary. Google wants to control what people think and the information they have access to. It screens information searches to lead people to sites its stakeholders want prioritized. And remember last month how Google shut down 7 sites on blogger that were writing political ideas that it doesn't think people should hear?


  2. I don't rely on google for much in the way of search information just because of that. They may be the biggest search engine, but they aren't the only one out there, and I prefer to get my information from a variety of sources so I can compare what's being reported and then decide what I think is believable and what isn't.

  3. Vesta that REALLY sucks. I hope you manage to sort it all out, though it's a hell of an inconvenience. I know you don't want to lose any of them :(

  4. It looks like even if the blogs don't show up in the list on the left-hand side of the Reader page, the new posts still show up in the list of all new posts. And I finally got to go in to the Manage Subscriptions page, and all my blogs are still there. It just pisses me off that not all the blogs are in the list on the left side of the page. I had it set up the way I wanted it, and google went and fucked it up. I don't deal well with change when it's forced on me without any notice, as you could probably tell from my language in my post (I tend to get totally foul-mouthed when I'm mad *G*).


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