Monday, August 25, 2008

Back home

Well, we're back home after a visit to DH's hometown. He wanted to show me the house he grew up in (I have no idea how his parents raised 7 boys in a house that small!), the hospital he was born in, the high school he went to (1700 in his graduating class, graduation had to be done over 3 days), and where his parents are buried.
We spent the weekend there in a motel, so we got to use the hot tub and swimming pool (and I got to wear my new swimsuit, this one in grape). Swimming was fun, but it's been so long since I've been that I have sore muscles today along my rib cage (it's worth it, and I called the motel here in town to see what they charge for non-guests to use the pool, I want to keep on swimming year-round and I can do that at their pool).
It had been 14 years since Mike had been to his hometown, and he kept talking about how much things had changed in that time. The places he worked aren't there anymore, stores have changed or moved, and the drive-in theater where he made out with various girlfriends isn't there anymore either.
We went out to dinner at Timber Lodge Steakhouse. Good steaks, and the service was pretty good too. We also ate out at Denny's, who also have awesome burgers and great service (I hadn't eaten at a Denny's since I left Washington state 22 years ago, so finding Denny's here was a surprise).
Got lost coming home, well sorta kinda maybe of the reasons I would never live in the Twin Cities. With all the construction always going on there, you never know how to get from point A to point B without having to traverse at least one detour, maybe more. But we didn't go too far out of our way, and made it home just fine. Boy, were the cats ever glad to see us, too. We left Friday morning and got home Sunday around 1 pm. DH sat down in his chair and had both of them in his lap (well, one in his lap and one on the arm of the chair, no room in his lap for both at the same time).
All in all, it was an enjoyable weekend away from home, and only took me 6 hours to catch up with everything I missed on my blog subscriptions (not to mention all the email I had to sort through/read). It's kinda nice to take a break from the computer once in a while (so I must not be addicted as I thought I was, since I didn't miss it while I was gone). I noticed there was a computer in the motel lobby, and briefly thought about checking email, and then went "Nah, I can do that at home, I want to swim and soak in the hot tub."


  1. We stayed at a cabin during our one-year anniversary that had a hot tub. It's now requirement #3 on our list of things we're looking for in our next house. Glad you had such a fabulous time and welcome back.

  2. This is off topic, but I've been wondering. Being that this is a fat acceptance website, why does the avatar representing you appear to be thin?

  3. Thanks, rachel. Yeah, those hot tubs are really nice, wish we could afford to have one at home.

    violet_yoshi - that's the fattest avatar that meez has. Every site I've searched that does avatars doesn't seem to have any that are fat. They're either thin or not-so-thin, but not fat by any means. But meez does have some cool stuff there (like the ATV, and their clothes seem to be the best I've found so far).

  4. I know vesta, but I'd rather have no avatar on my site, instead of having one that represented the thin ideal. It's a tad compromising of the message involved with fat acceptance.

    Yahoo has been offering real plus size avatars for some time now.

  5. violet_yoshi - I have a Yahoo avatar, and I'm using the fattest body they have and it's not really what I would call fat. Stocky or chunky maybe, but not fat like I'm fat (and the outfits for that body type aren't the greatest). There are NO avatars out there that reflect the reality of fatness in real life.
    Just from what I've read on Pogo, where I also have an avatar, people there don't want a fat avatar that looks like them, they want the fantasy of a thin them in their avatar (at least they're thin online, even if they aren't thin in real life). Personally, I would prefer a fat avatar, but the clothing choices they have for the fat minis suck dirty ditch water, big time. My meez avatar is the fattest one they have (plus size Penny, I think is her name). So, avatars that really represent fat people, not happening yet.

  6. vesta, look up drowning_dollie_day_79 sometime. That's my screename on Yahoo, and I think my plus-sized avatar is pretty cute.

  7. violet_yoshi - that's the body type I had for my avatar on yahoo, but she's not really representative of me (I'm what they call a super-size BBW). Most people would look at my avatar and say she's not fat, and I'm definitely fat (I have the steel-belted radials to prove The one I have now (vesta44 on yahoo) is closer, but still not really representative of me either, and her clothes suck (well, the color of her shirt does anyway, I'm not fond of anything babyshit mustard in color).
    I wish I knew more about programming, or even photoshop. Then I could create my own program for avatars and could have the one I really want (but it's been 24 years since I went to college for computer programming and I don't remember much of anything I learned). I may have to see if I can find a "Photoshop for Dummies" book and see what I can learn from that, and then create the avatar I want.


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