Sunday, October 21, 2007

No longer fat and I can't find a dress I hoo hoo!

I'm sorry, I don't have too much sympathy for a woman who admits she dieted and exercised like a woman obsessed and now she can't find a dress she likes that fits (and for under $200, no less). All she could find were dresses fit for fat women (they're ugly, jumpers, baby doll, empire, whatever). I wanted a dress for my son's wedding last year, and the least expensive one I could find that would fit me was $450 (I ended up making my outfit for the wedding and got tons of compliments on it, and it cost me less than $60 for pattern, fabric, and notions).
Then she bitches that she had to stand in line for a dressing room to try on dresses that she didn't like much. HELLO! If you don't really like the dress, why the fuck bother to try it on? If I don't like what it looks like on a hanger (style, fabric, pattern, etc) I'm not wasting my time trying it on.
She finally spent $70 on a dress that didn't make her look 20 lbs heavier or like she was pregnant. Whoop-de-fucking-do, must be nice to be able to spend that kind of money on a dress (I'm lucky if I can spend that on a winter coat that I'm going to wear for at least 3 or 4 years).
I'm sorry, it's just that I've waited for years and years for designers and clothing manufacturers to make clothing that fits me, and she has the nerve to bitch that she can't find anything to fit now that she's not fat anymore? Give me a break.
This is one article that I didn't mind reading the comments (most of them took her to task for complaining about fat women having clothing choices). A couple were trolls, but even the trolls were taken to task for their comments.


  1. I have trouble believing that there are really that many dresses cut to fit fat women out there.

    your link is broken though, I would like to read the whole thing ;-)

  2. Wow, what an asshat. I'm glad so many people are complaining about the article. I'll add my two cents. It's just hard to get this kind of entitlement.

    Your link is indeed broken (it added some weird %'s plus a link to your post for some reason). Here's the link for tabitha:

  3. Grade A douchebag. That's all I can say after visiting Lane Bryant a few weeks ago and having to spend $40 on a bra that fit me.

  4. Ruth, I totally agree. It doesn't take 5 times the materials to make a bra to fit me, but they're going to charge me 5 times as much as they charge my smaller daughter-in-law, and it's not going to be a cute or sexy bra, it's going to be a boring, run-of-the-mill, blah bra. I thought about making my own, but I can't even find a pattern for a bra in my size (and by the time I'm ready to throw a bra away, it's too worn out and stretched out to be cut apart and used as a pattern). I'll be damned if I'm going to pay $40 or more for a bra that fits, just to cut it up and make a pattern (it hurts me to spend that kind of money on something so basic).

  5. Tabitha, the title of the article is the link to the post now, for some reason the HTML I was using to create links quit working.
    I can't post long urls in the comments either, because they get cut off, I haven't figured out how to work around that one yet.

  6. Here's a post I wrote about shopping while fat. I got my readers to help me and they came up with a bunch of excellent resources for fat women's clothing that I hadn't heard of before. I get so tired of going shopping with my girlfriends--the current one, while still fat, can actually buy things in regular stores and thrift stores, and she will reject items that fit her because she DOESN'T LIKE THEM. She has no idea what a privilege that is.

  7. amy, I totally agree with you. I was lucky enough that the job I interviewed for was data entry through a temp agency and they were so hard up for people that they didn't even care if you had computer skills, let alone what size your body was (after I got hired permanent by the company, we used to joke that if you were breathing, you were hired by the temp service). My best slacks and a Liz & Me top from Catherine's got me the job, and I held it for 4 years (until I got married and moved 3 hours away). But yeah, finding anything that fits a larger person at a reasonable price is next to impossible (that's why I like being able to sew, I can buy a couple of expensive [to me] pieces, wear them till they aren't presentable anymore, and then take them apart to make a pattern and make more myself, and do it for a lot less money). Which is not an option for someone who can't sew or doesn't have the talent for it (and it is a talent). Hmmm, maybe that would be a good business for me to open, taking clothes apart and creating patterns and making the clothes for women who don't have the ability or the time........

  8. I had a friend of mine who is a tailor make a couple pairs of pants for me from an old pair that I loved that fit me just right. And it only cost about $5 more than it would have to buy pants from Making It Big or Plus Woman--which I would have had to have her alter anyway!

    Sewing is DEFINITELY a talent. I don't think I have it, but I may be giving it another shot soon since I haven't done any sewing since high school home ec. I'm a fairly good knitter so maybe it's time to try my hand at sewing again.

  9. Hey, what's going on? Now the blog feed link to your post leads to the column, not your blog...

    In my above post, the link can be copy/pasted even if it doesn't show completely, and it works. For some reason it just doesn't show the whole link.

  10. Deniselle, I'm not sure what the problem was, probably that the title of my post was the link to the article and the feed cut out my blog altogether. I figured out how to fix the HTML link in the body of the post, so I'm not going to use the title as link anymore (and I put the HTML tag for links on a posty note and taped it to my monitor so I don't forget how to


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