Monday, October 8, 2007

Consumer Safety Alert on Fat Dissolving Injections

I read not too long ago on a blog that someone thought these injections to dissolve fat were safe, but I had read elsewhere that they were not. This article says none of the substances in these injections have been tested, nor have they gone through any FDA clinical trials to determine if the claims made for them are true.

"There is presently not valid research on fat-melting injections that demonstrate reproducible, safe
outcomes. Consumers should not ignore the proliferation of blogs and media that are reporting the
ineffectiveness and the complications experienced by fat-melting injections," added Dr. Dailey.
"There is much more unknown and unproven about these injections than there is proven. This is
not a beauty treatment. This is a medical treatment that involves hundreds of injections into the
body of a compounded mixture of drugs. This mixture is not FDA approved nor has it been formally
tested for predictable results or safety. That alone should steer consumers away from the marketing

"There are many safe, and very effective cosmetic injectable treatments available to consumers
with aging concerns, but fat melting or dissolving injections are presently not among them," added
Dr. Few. "At present liposuction is the only approved, safe and proven method of reducing localized
I would say that any doctor who is telling patients that this is a safe, effective way to get rid of fat is lying out his ass so that he can make a quick buck off the obesity epidemic hysteria. As my mother used to tell me, "If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is."
The fact that people are willing to believe that something like this is safe and effective despite the lack of research or FDA approval just shows how pervasive fat-hate is and how far we have to go in advancing fat acceptance. It seems that when it comes to one's fat, critical thinking skills go right out the window. The brainwashing has been going on for so long and is so invidious that people don't think to question each new 'magic bullet' for the eradication of fat.

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