Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Going out of town for a few days

I won't be posting for a few days. DH has an appointment at the VA in Minneapolis to have a cataract removed, and has to be there for 3 days (first day to measure for the replacement lens, 2nd day is actual removal of cataract, and 3rd day is check-up). Then we're headed to Faribault to my son's house for his birthday (and my step-grandson's, son will be 32 [damn, that makes me feel old, and I'm not], step-gs will be 14). So I'm going to be without computer access (I'll be having major withdrawal symptoms by the time we get home Saturday evening). Y'all have a good rest of the week and weekend.


  1. Good luck to the hubby, and I hope the rest of the trip is fun!

  2. Hi Kate, yeah, everything went fine with the hubby, my son loved his gift, and my step-gs loved the book I got him (he loves to read true crime, my fault, I got him started with Ann to get the kid to read).My grandson who is 10 plays football and won his game (14 - 0) and was announcing that fact to one and all. It was a really nice break from the fat-phobia. Now I'm back and ready to fight some more.


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