Thursday, April 14, 2011

Much as I hate to - kudos to Wal-Mart

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know, Wal-Mart has some shitty policies and it's not the greatest place to support, but I have to give them kudos for bringing back the Just My Size high cut stretch satin panties that they used to carry. I can finally buy them again in all the awesome colors that I used to get and can't get by ordering from Just My Size online (see my post here where I bitched about getting six pair of panties, 3 black, 3 beige, and was basically told tough shit when I complained).
And they're selling them in a 3-pack instead of a 2-pack, the cost has gone from $7.98 for 2 pair (that was 2 years ago, at least) to $11.97 for 3 pair - but I don't have to pay shipping and I get to pick and choose what colors I want instead of taking whatever colors JMS decides to ship to me when I order (and 2 pair from them cost $9.98 the last time I ordered). Oh, and I just checked their website, and guess what?! JMS is no longer carrying those panties at all. I guess since Wal-Mart has decided to carry those particular panties again, JMS is too good to carry them now. That's fine with me, JMS doesn't want my money, much as it pains me to give it to Wal-Mart, I will since they're willing to carry what I want, in a size that fits me, in the colors/prints I want.


  1. I agree that I want to hate on Walmart but three of my favorite dresses from the last few years, that I wear ALL THE TIME are from there. What? Plus size sections in regular stores? Hear that Target??

  2. Oh, no kidding about Target. I do online surveys for one company that gives out reward dollars and then you use those dollars to buy gift cards from various places. The only place near me is Target, so I get that gift card, but I can't use it for clothing because the Target stores around here have 2 racks of plus size clothes hidden by the maternity clothes. And those 2 racks of plus size clothes? They suck!!! Black, brown, navy blue, beige - all solid colors, and what isn't a solid color is covered in sequins/fake gems/glitter. Yeah, so out-dated and blah I wouldn't be caught dead in it. And don't even get me started on their pricing - it's not even close to comparable with Wal-Mart's plus size clothing pricing, and I can find a few things to fit me at Wal-Mart, even DEATHFATZ as I am.
    I wish the US Target would take a page from the book the Australian Target is using - Australia's Target has a wider selection of plus sizes, better fabrics/styles/colors/prints, and decent pricing. Why they can do it there and not here is beyond me.


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