Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A sad day yesterday

We had to take Slick to the vet yesterday to find out why he was peeing everywhere but the litterbox (this is not usual for him) and why he was drinking so much water (the cats have a 2 quart self-waterer and it would have to be filled every day/day and a half here lately).
When I called the vet, the receptionist said to bring him in to be checked, it sounded like diabetes to her (she had had a diabetic cat). When I told DH that, he said that if Slick was diabetic (at 11 years old), we would probably have him euthanized. NOT something we really wanted to do, but this is a cat that fights oral medications and will run and hide from you when he knows you're going to give them to him (and he's nearly impossible to find, too, even in our small house). Not to mention that we're gone on the weekends when DH isn't working so no one would be here to give him his shots (we don't have anyone who can/will come in and take care of the cats while we're gone, we just leave plenty of food and water and a spare clean litter box for them, it all lasts the 2 1/2 days we're usually gone).
So we took Slick in to the vet, she checked him over, drew his blood, and everything was good except his blood sugar. That was 594, and just like humans, cats should have a blood sugar of 71 to 150. Slick was his usual affectionate self, but he was so passive, laying there on the exam table while the vet explained what would have to be done to get his blood sugar under control (diet, medication, more testing, maybe oral meds later on, different food than what Fat Cat eats). DH said we knew about all of that, since he had type 2 diabetes and we had to go through all of that for him. He told her that with us being gone on weekends, the expense, the fact that Slick won't eat any food but the kind he eats now (DH has tried to change their food in the past, doesn't work, they pick out the new food pieces and leave them, and just eat the old ones when you mix the two together), trying to feed two cats separately when they're used to eating whenever they want to (and have been for the last 10 years), and then fighting to get meds in Slick, it's just not fair to the cat, he doesn't understand that we're doing it for his health, he just knows that we're holding him down and sticking him (or giving him oral meds) and limiting his food and when he can eat.
So DH made the decision to euthanize Slick (and then he had to leave, he couldn't stand to stay and have Slick looking at him with those big green eyes of his). I took care of all the paperwork and wrote the check, but I couldn't stay to be with him as he passed either, I was crying as I filled out everything as it was. I don't know how DH even managed to make the decision, Slick was the cat who greeted him at the door every night when he got home from work, was the cat who laid on his computer desk begging to be petted when DH was playing games on the computer, was the cat who drank his diet Coke, lemonade, or whatever else he happened to be drinking, and was the cat that DH would look at and go "What?" and Slick would make this tiny, almost noiseless meow back at him (and do that as many times as DH would say "What?"). Slick and Fat Cat are what got DH through the times when his ex-wife left him.
We spent a lot of time last night talking about Slick, the good times with him, and how he could be a pain in the ass, and I imagine we'll be talking about him for quite a while, until the pain of losing him finally lessens.

DH and Slick

Slick RIP


  1. I'm so sorry about Slick. He sounds like a wonderful cat and the loss must be so hard. I found that what you are doing, remembering the good times and personality quirks, helped us a lot when we lost our Freya last year. Take care of yourselves.

  2. I am so sorry for your loss. This is such a difficult decision to make, even when we know it's in the best interest of our beloved pet. Try to remember that you and DH gave Slick a life of love -- and you gave him the last and most loving gift of all: a peaceful, painless passing. Slick is still with you, and you will see him again.

    You and DH are in my thoughts.

  3. Oh my gosh, so sorry to hear about your kitty. We recently had to put one of our down (she had cancer), so I know how hard it has to be. Your family is in my thoughts.


  4. Oh man, that must have been horrible. One of my cats is impossible to give pills to, also, and the others aren't much better. But I always thought diabetic cats were given insulin rather than oral meds; I remember this one diabetic cat at a shelter who was given an insulin shot every day in his scruff. He never seemed to mind it much. That must be pretty expensive, though. I'm so sorry.

    Andee (Meowser)

  5. Oh, Vesta. I'm so sorry. I know this was a very difficult decision. Sending (((hugs))) to you both and to Fat Cat. I know Fat Cat will miss him too.

  6. Thank you all, it is difficult losing Slick this way, we always thought it would be old age that would be his downfall, not disease :(
    And Fat Cat does miss him, he's been going around the house all day today, meowing and looking for Slick. DH thinks we may check out the shelter in St Cloud or the one in Alexandria and see what cats they have available for adoption (Slick was a shelter kitty that DH adopted) so Fat Cat will have someone for company (and this is the guy who said that when the cats died, we weren't getting any more pets so we wouldn't have to worry about them when we wanted to go on vacation or take off for a weekend). He's soft-hearted when it comes to animals (that's another of the reasons why I love him).


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