Friday, April 3, 2009

Same Sex Marriage now legal in Iowa - hip hip hooray!!!!

This is about damned time. Now it needs to spread to the other 47 states who haven't yet legalized same sex marriage. I just hope that Iowa's legislators don't cave to the religious wingnut pressure to put it to a vote to amend the Iowa State Constitution.


  1. I'm proud of every state that has acknowledged that ALL people in ALL types of relationships deserve the opportunity to marry if they wish. I'm especially proud to be from Massachusetts :)

    Of course, I wish I didn't have to be proud that this is a new step, rather than something that's a given.

  2. From the statement released by the leaders of the state legislature, it looks like they're supporting the decision.

  3. Meems - I'm celebrating SSM simply because I think it's about time states started recognizing that all people have a right to be married to the person they love, regardless of whether that person is the opposite sex or not. For this to be happening in a Mid-west state seems rather extraordinary to me, since the Mid-west has always been considered a bit backward compared to the east and west coasts (and which consideration is rather undeserved, IMO).

    bald-soprano - yeah, I saw that, and I think that's pretty neat too. There isn't anything the religious wingnuts are going to be able to do to reverse this any sooner than 2012, and by then, attitudes may have changed just enough that even if they do manage to get a ballot initiative to revoke SSM, it would fail (oh, how I hope that's the case).

  4. Ooooo... I hope this sticks! I read about this over the weekend and I've been afraid to hope too much after the disappointment of California.
    Come on, Iowa! You can do it! Equal rights FOR ALL!!!! :) :) :)


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