Sunday, April 5, 2009

Cats are weird

FAT CAT (aka Scruffy)
I was vacuuming the loveseat today to get all the cat hair off it (Fat Cat lays on it a lot and he sheds like crazy, even when we brush him a couple of times a week). Vacuuming the loveseat was not an easy job either, Fat Cat decided he wanted to play with the hose to the vacuum cleaner (that cat isn't afraid of anything, I swear). So I thought while I was vacuuming up loose cat hair, I'd vacuum him too (thinking he'd run away and I could finish the love seat). No such luck, he loved it! Stupid cat. Took me half an hour to vacuum that damned loveseat because I had to do it around the cat. Every time I put him down on the floor and started the vacuum back up, he was right back up there, rubbing on the hose and the brush, trying to play with it, chasing it, and trying to chew on it. He moved more while I was vacuuming him/the loveseat than he normally does (unless he's playing with the stuffed mouse that squeaks when he bats it). This is the cat that is so lazy he has to lay down to eat his cat food, and lays down to drink water. If you put a plate of canned cat food down for him, he lays down and eats all the food on one side of the plate and then looks at you like "aren't you going to turn the plate for me so I can eat the food on the other side?"
I didn't have to worry about Slick, he runs and hides when I start the vacuum cleaner. He doesn't like it at all.


  1. Ha! My cat runs and crawls under the covers of my bed when I even get the vacuum out. If I bring the vacuum into the bedroom, she runs out of there and hides in another room.

  2. Your FatCat sounds like a real character! Love that! My Ginger is terrified of the vacuum and anything that is going on in the house. She sleeps all day under my bed, then comes out at night to run around the house chasing dust or fairies or something. When 11 pm hits, she comes downstairs to tell us to go to bed and get a last bite to eat before the dog devours what's left in her bowl once we're all upstairs.
    Ginger is sweet though. She let's my 9 yr old drag her out from under the bed to give her a "massage" with a washcloth..actually enjoys it. Sometimes, she is put on a leash and taken outside to play with the neighbors, too. I would love for her to have more "personality" though. So laid back.

  3. My boyfriend describes cats like OCD and autistic dogs.
    I think it is pretty awesome that your cat wants to be vacuumed! That can save a lot of brushing. ;)
    LOL for Regina's bit about dust fairies. LOL LOL LOL... I have a cat that at a certain time of day stampedes around the house chasing "invisible mice." The really weird bit is that lately he stares up at the ceiling and whines... like he is sure there is something up there that should be hunted by him...

  4. I LOLed at the title alone.

    Cats Are Weird. In other news, the sun rises in the east, and water is wet. (and my cats will only drink it if it's coming from a running tap.)

  5. LOL! I got a total movie in my head when I read this! So funny that he lays down to eat and drink! Mia's weird thing is she has to have one paw touching the surface of the water as she drinks it.

  6. Kat - Slick (our short-haired cat) has to dig and scratch around the water dish before he will drink out of it. And if they run out of water (or food), Slick will pull the dishes away from the side of the sink and shove them into the middle of the kitchen doorway so that you trip over them. That doesn't happen very often, I try to keep an eye on their food and water, but every once in a while............

  7. That is too funny! Pretty amazing that he moves the bowls. That sounds like something a dog would do with its nose! Don't know what I'd do without my animals. They are good company, interesting and, they don't care how much I weigh or what size I wear.


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