Friday, February 13, 2009

New Age/Wicca/etc catalog: some plus sizing

I got a new-to-me catalog in the mail today from The Pyramid Collection, website found here. They have some pretty neat clothing, that if I were younger, and could wear a size 24, well, just let me say I would be so willing to buy some of their tops. I'm not into dresses usually, but they do have some I would wear over leggings/tights.
They also have some pretty neat jewelry, and their faery/dragon/mermaid figurines are cute as all get-out. Pictures of some of the items I liked follow:

Midnight Dragon

Gift Faerie

Fireheart Dragon

Dragon Ornaments

Tie-dye Ruffled Dress

Renaissance Faire Dress

Purple Rose Dress

Grecian Key Dress

Forest Finery Dress

Embroidered Tunic

Crimson & Lace Dress

Aurora Borealis Skirt

The only problem I have with the website is that I couldn't find a size chart for the clothes. However, the catalog does have a size chart, but some of the sizing between the chart and the sizes listed on the clothing don't match (some clothing lists a 3X as a size 24, the size chart says 3X is 26/28) so that's something to take into consideration if/when ordering from them.


  1. Pyramid's sizing is really erratic because they get their stuff from tons of different suppliers.

  2. Ah, that makes sense then. So it's definitely buyer beware when ordering from them.

  3. Ooooh dwagons! And those clothes are gorgeous, totally witchy, totally me!

  4. OMG WANT. Especially the Purple Rose Dress.

    I'm tie-dyeing on Sunday. I only hope my tie-dye comes out half as gorgeous as that Aurora Borealis Skirt.

  5. Drooling. This is some gorgeous stuff!


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