Saturday, October 25, 2008

Saturday Cat Fluff

Good thing we don't drink alcohol around our house. DH poured a glass of Diet Coke the other day, and the cat (Slick) jumped up on the counter and started drinking it. Slick also likes lemonade. We've decided that if we want something to drink, it'll have to be in a can or a covered glass/bottle of some kind if we don't want to share it with Slick. He also licks the moisture off the side of cans of soda in the summer time when they first come out of the fridge. Weird cat, he is.

My son's puppy, Max, is hilarious when he's eating Pringles (he likes the dill pickle ones). Put a whole chip on the floor, and he steps on it to break it up into pieces before he eats it. Then he sits down and looks at you, waiting for you to give him another one, which he then steps on, breaks, and eats. If you tell him he's had enough, he will look at you, cock his head, and then you have to tell him again that he's had enough. Then he'll either go lay down or find a toy for you to throw for him. Smart dog, for only 3 1/2 months old.


  1. So cute about the chips!

    I had a cat once that licked the outside of my drinks. She was also an expert drink turner over...and she was quick! She'd have my drink turned over in a second. I finally learned to save my MickyD's cups(and lids)to drink out of.

    Hope you're having a good weekend:)

  2. The weekend is pretty good. Hope yours is going well too. We're supposed to get rain mixed with snow tonight, and maybe snow tomorrow. It's too early for that white crap for me, but I don't have any control over the weather, so I guess I'll deal with it.........LOL

  3. I'm a huge animal lover so look forward to your cat/dog posts. I have a wee Pomeranian who is smart as a whip. He can even fetch his toys by name. So good luck with your new puppy. He appears o be a very intelligent pooch. Bear, my Pom, had to learn not to drink out of my cups. He still loves to lick the sides of them though. What is it with that?? When he starts licking the sides of my glass, I give him an ice cube to chew on. Makes him a happy boy.

  4. I love animals too, but have to admit I'm more of a cat person than anything else. But if I were going to get a dog, a pit bull like Max is what I would want (my son doesn't live with me, he's grown and married with kids of his own). Max kind of reminds me of the last dog I had, 18 years ago. Holmes was a puppy that my son brought home against my wishes, a German shepherd/wolf mix. Smart as a whip and a big baby most of the time (but there were certain people he didn't like, I wish I had paid attention to that, he had better judgment about them than I did). Holmes figured out how to open the gate on our chain link fence around the yard, so he had to be chained when no one was home (and he figured out how to get out of a choke collar too, so I had to find the heaviest nylon web collar and logging chain when I left him alone outside, he broke regular dog chains too). Holmes was good at pulling the stakes out of the ground that his chain was attached to, so I ended up fastening the chain to his dog house. That thing was huge, and built out of 2X4's and boards, but he still managed to drag it around the yard even though he only weighed about 70 lbs. His favorite toy was an old mink collar off a coat that we played tug of war with. He'd start out with the just the end of it and I'd have the other end. Then he would gradually work his way up until his mouth was right by my hand and I'd have to grab the other end (all so he could start all over again. When he was a puppy, he slept on the enclosed back porch (there was a screen door between it and the kitchen). At bedtime, I would say "Holmes, back porch!" and he'd run for it (his bed, food and water were there, as well as newspapers in case he had an "accident" in the middle of the night). In the morning, he would howl when it was time for me to get up and let him out and I would howl right back at him (my son thought it was weird, but the dog liked it).


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