Sunday, October 5, 2008

Home again, home again

Well, this was a fantastic weekend away from home. DH and I went to see my son and his wife again. Jon took us out to dinner at a new Mexican restaurant, and the food was awesome. We had pollo loco, the servings were huge (I took half of mine home), the service was spectacular, and the prices were great. We'll definitely be eating there the next time we're down there (Jon said it had only been open a couple of months, but let me tell you, they were doing a booming business). That was Friday night. Then on Saturday, DH and Jon went 4-wheeling on the ATVs for 4 hours. When they got home, the first thing DH said was "We have got to get a 4-wheeler!" He had a blast going over trees, through bogs, getting mired in the mud and winching out of it. He said they went through one stand of tall weeds and stopped for a break right afterward and Jon had a little mouse on the front of his Grizzly. Had to take a stick and chase it off, it didn't want to leave (cracked me up, because Jon takes their puppy, Max, riding with him around their yard on the Grizzly). DH went down in the basement with Jon to help him build a workbench while Jon's wife, Tina, made dinner for us, then we sat around talking and watching movies on TV for a while. Went back to the motel to get some shuteye so we could get up early to go back out to Jon's, had to collect the money from Tina's brother for the snowmobile (DH sold his snowmobile to Tina's brother and Jon for all the kids to ride, so they split the cost of it). That money is going in savings for the down payment on the Yamaha 550 Grizzly DH is looking at (power steering, 4 WD, auto transmission). He wants the camo paint job (won't show scratches from riding through the brush), winch, plow (so he can snowplow the driveway instead of snowblowing it), and the extended warranty. Told him it sounds like a plan to me (when it's paid for, I may just have to get one too, Tina rides with Jon every once in a while, looks like fun to me). So we did all that, and then stopped in Rogers on the way home to have lunch at Denny's (another good place to eat with fantastic service).
Got home, and this time, both of the cats met us at the door. I don't know if it was because they missed us, or because they were almost out of water (we left their auto-waterer full and another half-gallon of water in a bowl). I think it was probably a bit of both, since as soon as we got everything unpacked and put away and their waterer filled, and the cat boxes cleaned, DH sat in his recliner and both cats were right there in his lap (after drinking fresh water and using the clean cat box, of course).
Didn't get to go swimming this time, I was helping DH move the trailer (it had a flat and he had to move it onto the driveway so he could change it) and I bumped my leg on it and tore a small section of skin off it (I have veinous insufficiency and my lower legs swell a lot, even though I wear compression stockings, and the skin there is really thin and tears easily). That was on Tuesday, and it still hasn't scabbed over, and is weeping clear fluid, so I thought it wouldn't be a good idea to go swimming. Have to call the doctor tomorrow and see if I can get in to see her and see what she thinks we should do to get this to heal. Usually, when this kind of thing happens, it heals pretty quickly, but not this time, for some reason (maybe it's deeper than I think it is, I don't know).
But all in all, a good time was had by all, and we're looking forward to the next time we can go down there. Hope everyone had as good a weekend as we did. :)


  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful time! Hope your doc can get that wound taken care of.

  2. We did indeed. And as for the wound, that's what I'm hoping. Right now, I'm folding a washcloth in quarters and then in half, just to absorb the fluid it's leaking. I'm usually a lot more careful about bumping my legs, but I got carried away helping DH and took too big a step when I was pushing that trailer while he was pulling (it was really heavy with the snowmobile on it) and banged my leg right into the steel edge of it. Stupid thing to do, but shit happens and then ya deal with

  3. When I have a wound I wash it like I wash myself - with a rag on a stick. It's a good thing that venous insufficiency isn't an obesity related disease. Oh, what's that? it IS obesity related. Bullshit. We in FA know that the real cause of venous insufficiency is WLS and dieting.

  4. Fat Acceptance - I had been washing it, but it was still seeping clear fluid. Then I got smart and put some antibiotic cream on the telfa dressing I was using (under the washcloth that absorbed the fluid), and now it's no longer weeping and is starting to heal.
    And yeah, this veinous insufficiency started after I had my WLS, so I would say it's related to that, not to the fact that I'm fat. Because up until WLS, I had no problems with swelling ankles/legs.


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