Sunday, June 15, 2008

It was a good weekend

DH and I had a very good weekend. We went to my son's on Saturday to pick up the flatbed trailer we bought from him (to haul DH's snowmobile). It had been a pop-up camper at one time (converted to a flatbed trailer), and Jon had it sitting at a friend's house. The friend took the wooden floor off it, and put in a steel mesh floor, and new diamond plate fenders. Then Jon took it out to his wife's dad's house to be powder-coated and painted (we got all this for $240, a REAL bargain, since new ones just like this cost about $700 - $1000). We had to run back to WW to get a new connector for the lights (the one DH's truck was corroded), Jon changed that in less than 5 minutes for DH.
DH and I also took my grandson shopping for his birthday (he turned 12 on the 5th of June). Man, I wish I had 1/2 of that kid's energy. Mykel was a trip and a half on the way to WallyWorld......we were listening to an oldies tape (think Sam the Sham and the Pharaohs and the like). One of the songs was WooleyBooley and every time they sang that, he would sing RAVIOLI, off-key. DH kept telling Mykel he was going to get gonged, so then we had to explain to him about the Gong then Mykel had to act all hurt (but he couldn't keep up the act, he kept laughing). Then we went back to Jon & Tina's for dinner (Mykel had been snacking all day long, and he ate 4 cheeseburgers and half a plate of chips for dinner, I don't know where he puts everything he eats, he's tall and thin, he's almost as tall as I am). After dinner, we all watched Meet the Spartans. I have never laughed so hard in my life (yeah, the fat kid part wasn't really funny at all), but the spoofs of American Idol, So You Think You Can Dance, and Deal or No Deal were hilarious.
We got a motel room for the night so we wouldn't have to drive home in the dark (neither of us like driving after dark). When we checked in, DH asked if they had a discount for AAA membership or military personnel. The desk clerk said if he had his military ID, that was a better discount (oh yeah, it was, all right, saved us $37). Went back to my son's house this morning, hooked up the trailer, wished him a Happy Father's Day (and Jon and Tina wished DH the same). I ended up having to take Mykel's b-day gift apart (he got a foam dart stuck in it) and get the dart out (he said it's cool to have a grandma that can fix things), then got hugs all around before we left. Made it home in record time (about 3 1/2 hours) and put the trailer on the grass at the head of the driveway. Now all we have to do before we go to DH's step-son's house to pick up the snowmobile is put some plywood on the floor so the carbides on the skis don't tear up the mesh. DH wants to get some 2 X 4's to make stake sides for it so we can use it to haul stuff other than the snowmobile (gonna paint them black so they match the
All in all, it was a nice trip away from home.


  1. Do you feel weird when you're watching a comedy movie, and then they throw out the fat joke? Like, the film Epic Movie. They had, which was shown more on the unrated DVD, a joke where the blue girl from X-Men turns fat cause the guy wants her to transform into a fat girl.

    I think that's really a kind of odd fat joke, cause it's interpretive. Like is the joke that the girl is thin and she now has to feel what it's like to not be accepted for your size, or the "haw haw that guy likes ugly fat chicks!" joke.

    Anyways, do you feel bad for watching movies that are otherwise funny outside of the standard fat joke? Cause I feel like, "Why the heck did I give my money to these morons?!" I didn't watch Meet The Spartans, cause I assumed there would be a fat joke in there. It appears I was right.

    I feel that really fat jokes in anything, say about the person who made the film/show/cartoon, that they're not creative nor original. Any idiot can make a fat joke, it takes originality to find humor elsewhere.

    Or in some cases, like Chowder, where the fat jokes are not really a joke against the character, as much as it's seen as a kind of loveable uniqueness about them. There were a couple diet episodes, but it was that everyone was supposed to diet, not the fat kid was being singled out. Also the idea that Chowder wants to be a chef, works well into the idea that he's supposed to be fat. It's like the saying, never trust a thin chef. He has so much experience in tasting things, he would know what works and what doesn't.

    I just find it interesting, because even though I belive very strongly in fat acceptance. I notice there are times where I let things slide. Like Family Guy, but

    I think most of the fat jokes on Family Guy, are making fun of the people who say things about fat people. Like the one where Peter had his own center of gravity cause he was so fat, and it was funny cause it's like "Thin people actually belive that?!"

    There also was a joke where Stewie tried making money, by following fat people around with a tuba and playing the "elephant walk theme". It made me laugh, cause I thought "Well with all the fat discrimination out there, at least I'm not having people follow me around with a tuba." Kind of a, it could always be worse thing.

  2. Yeah, I do feel kinda weird watching movies that have fat jokes in them. Meet the Spartans wasn't actually too bad, the only fat jokes I really recall from it was one of the Spartans was a chubby guy and they made a comment about his man-boobs (with a gay overtone to it, so I wasn't sure how to take it), and then they were talking about being fit and they showed an artist air-brushing six-pack abs on the chubby kid but the take I got from it was that they were making fun of the fact that people were so enamored of those kinds of abs.
    DH watched Delta Farce with Larry the Cable Guy and Bill Engval the other night (I don't find LtCG at all funny when he makes his fat jokes), so I wasn't real hip on watching the movie (I didn't catch a lot of it, I was playing on my computer while the movie was on). And since LtCG did those ads for whatever diet company (JC or NS, I can't remember which), he's just totally lost me as a fan. It's funny, but since I've found FA, I'm getting really picky about comedians, movies, books, basically any kind of entertainment. If it's fat-phobic in any way, I try to avoid it.


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