Sunday, March 9, 2008

World of Curves magazine

I had forgotten that I had signed up for this magazine until I got 2 issues in the mail on Friday. It's taken me 2 days to read them both, and I've still not decided how much I like it.
These 2 issues have good articles on fashion, hair, and make-up (if you're into that kind of thing). There are a lot of really good photos of fat women rocking their clothes, but I don't much care for the centerfold pic in each magazine.
I'm ambivalent about women (of any size) posing naked. On the one hand, it just makes me think of the meat-market approach, that women's worth is tied to the attractiveness of their bodies and that's all they're good for. On the other hand, I guess it's good that they're showing that fat women can be attractive when photographed naked, and it does actually put faces on fat bodies, unlike those headless fatties used to illustrate the obesity epidemic hysteria.
The premier issue had articles on music (hip hop, which I'm not into, I'm more a metal-head, even at my, finance, sports, stay-at-home dads, body shapes, and internet dating.
The second issue has articles on Valentine's dates (10 great ones under $25), the little black dress, Kendra Johnson from Phat Girlz, poetry, make-up, jewelry, clothes, are schools making the grade, the centerfold, etc.
Some of it I can use, the clothes are cute and links to find them are included. But I think this is targeted to a younger audience than the one to which I belong (even though I'm 54, and act younger than that most of the time, this seems to be trying to reach women in their 20's, maybe 30's at most).
It's nice to see a magazine for fat women, and I really hope they make a grand go of it, so check it out and let me know what y'all think (check it out online here).


  1. Thanks for letting me know about this publication - I hadn't heard of it. But then again, it may also be because I don't seek these kinds of magazines out regardless if they're size-friendly or not. I'm just not a good girl, I guess, in the sense that I don't really care enough about fashion and beauty to seek these kinds of magazines out and spend the limited time I do have reading about these subjects.

    Still, I think it's a wonderful resource for women who do care about these things and I wish them success. Although I am troubled that when you click on the Health & Fitness link on their website, they link to one of those annoying CNN weight-loss "success" stories in which a woman loses 95 pounds and completes a marathon.

  2. rachel - I didn't see that when I looked up the online version, and it wasn't in the hard copy of the magazines I got, so that should definitely have been left out of the online version, imo. We really don't need to read that kind of crap in a mag that's supposed to be helping us feel better our bodies as they are, that's for sure.

  3. Running a marathon is an awesome fitness feat, for sure, so I can see why they would link to the story because of that angle. But the story is more of a weight loss success story than it is about the woman training and completing a marathon and it puzzles me as to why they would link to it.

    Still, the magazine has an awesome message and I hope they're successful.

  4. rachel - I wonder if the weight loss was a side effect of training for a marathon, or did she lose the weight and then train for the marathon? If it was a side effect of training, that may be why they linked to it (not for the weight loss, but for the marathon aspect), but I don't think people who read that are going to understand that training for a marathon may not have weight loss as a side effect for everyone.
    But yeah, I hope they make a go of it, I used to subscribe to BBW Magazine and really missed it when it ended publication (and it had its drawbacks too, I don't think there's a perfect magazine out there for fat women, just a few that come really close).

  5. Sounds like just the thing for me, I love the mindless fashion and make-up crap, so every so often I buy glamour and end up throwing it against the wall, usually for something 'bikini body in 10 days' related.

    As for the naked thing, I'm generally against it, but recently posed semi-clothed with my rowing crew for a nude calender for a charity I support. I actually wasn't going to do it, until another girl I know said she wasn't going to as most of the other girls 'weren't fat like her' (though I'm bigger than her..oh well). I, then decided that it was my duty to show people that I could still be hot with a bmi of 30. Considering I once wouldn't let my boyfriend take my top off when we were together because I was convinced the minute he saw my stomach he wouldn't want to touch me and I know many other young girls feel the same way I once did, I think on balance it's probably more positive than negative overall even if it is sort of unnecessary.

  6. "I'm ambivalent about women (of any size) posing naked."


    (I'm semi-kidding - but it's like Stellaluna - "How can we be so alike and yet so different? How can we be so different and yet so alike? It's quite a mystery."

  7. "(hip hop, which I'm not into, I'm more a metal-head, even at my"

    OMG get out of my head. Jeeeeeez. Were you as sad as I when you found out Annie Wilson had WLS? :( God bless her, at least she didn't go the RNY route as she was afraid she would lose her "oomph" - duh. And Magic Man? Makes me tingle. Her sister rocking the acoustic in "Crazy on You"? Argh! Yeah I'm a 41 year old metalhead. I saw Ozzie and Yngwie and Queensryche and...well you get the picture. Damnit, you were right. The world isn't ready for us to meet :D

  8. annie - I was waiting to see if you had anything to say on It is weird, to say the least, that we think so much alike on so many things. My son is the one who listened to Metallica when he was a teen (and still does, at 32) and I remember yelling at him to turn that noise down. Now I'm the one cranking it in the house and in my van, and the grandkids think it's the coolest thing ever. I got to see Def Leppard in concert a few years ago, and was right down there in the front row, jamming my ass off (went with a friend of my son's, no one my age wanted to go). I like Queensryche too, and Ozzie, and Rob Zombie (he did an awesome duet with Alice Cooper, I have that on an Alice Cooper anthology).


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